Our educational institutions and the drug addiction

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2 years ago

Today, every college and university youth considers smoking a fashion and not evil. Even though we know the results, our young man is going to sink into his addiction. According to a study, more than 50 percent of Pakistan's population is addicted to smoking. College and university students initially take it as a fashion, but over time they get used to it. First of all, this poison goes inside because of passion, later the young people make it their own.

Now the youth of our educational institutions are not only self-sufficient, but also four steps ahead. Along with cigarettes, marijuana is considered essential for its seat. Engineering students remember marijuana as sweets and medicine while medical students remember alcohol with pure names such as medicine, daru

Our young generation is sensitive to this dirty work, it is a big problem that the network of suppliers of these things is so strong that the delivery of these things to our youth is regular. Electricity is closed, gas is closed, even if the country is closed, but the poison is easily being delivered. Everyone knows where these things come from.

I do not know about the government's drug prevention measure because this chain is increasing day by day. But as far as cigarettes are concerned, to prevent it, the government has banned the small dubby (which used to have ten cigarettes) and is now banning its open sale. In addition, this legal year every year

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