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In the second, when a big introduction was introduced and asked when the congregation is in the party, it is said that in the community. Often the introduction was that the question was "a great or buffalo?" So the innocence of the pitch answers that the buffalo. There were many motivations of this answer. The brain was putting the size of the brain, the brain was kept for the mutual. Therefore the size of the buffalo is big, the answer was to come even the buffalo. Even though the neck of the buffalo is in front of the rope, the buffalo is to be wise, but the fifty-five is the fek. Now come to the original topic! A few social media killed were kidnapped from Islamabad last week. The charges were applied to the agencies. Now the question arises that what were the relevant people? These people were library and humanist's fatigue. Let's go, it was humanity but who was the behavior that was due to the state and religion's challenge? What was the one who binding the brain to the brain? There were not their ideas alone, alone was not written. Actually, thinking that liberal is based on the state, religion and the country, and lower the library ideology. These are the same as the branches.

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