Not match but war

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2 years ago

Does this nation have no right to come out of the state of mind filled with this bloody and death-filled terror, does this nation have no right to survive, my homeland, we are a living nation, and today we have come together to place the whole of Pakistan together and come to the jockey stadium, and we have proved ourselves that we are against terrorism. If we can get together for a fourth match, then the time is not far away when all the nations are united and become a lead wall and eliminate the handful of terrorists from this clean land.

After the successful event of gaddafi stadium our government and our armed forces including army, police and rangers are entitled to salute and their morale will increase.

This war is not against an enemy but against a thought, whose nerves as strong as they will emerge as a winner.

Let's all get together to repeat this verse, that

We are a living nation

We all have recognize, we all of Pakistan.

I hope you will appreciate my article.



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