Internet and our social system

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2 years ago

The closure of the Internet can now be expressed in a democratic way. If it was left open, it would not hurt millions of people like crazy and lion lion, but it would hurt millions of people. If people were injured, voting would have an effect. If voting had an impact, democracy would be in danger. It is very important to save democracy and protect the country's security that the Internet should be closed. If god is allowed to keep it going, there will be disaster on the country and people will suffer from various kinds of troubles.

If the leaves of the trees begin to grow from the air, the hazardous and black car Internet is closed. The Internet is celebrated for the sake of peace, or the rally of a minister, the Internet is taken into account for peace. If there is a rise or heat wave, the poor Internet is tied to the Internet. If there is a vote, the low-quality Internet is banned. It will not change in cold heat, the worse conditions are not pleasant There will be no reduction in the voting rate, nor will there be any threat to the security of the country.

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