Precious Gift💞

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3 years ago

Love is most precious gift someone could ever receive and have.💗

In john 3:16 stated that For God so love the world that gave his only begotten son so who ever believe in Him we not perish but have everlasting life. The son came to die for our sin. This son is Jesus he die for us so that we can have abundant Life.💝

Can you really sacrifice yourself for your people, your wife, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your neighbor. Love bring sacrifice to the world. Love is beyond as say that I love you.

Some husband we says my wife know that I love her. No, love is about act, action, caring and sacrifice.

Love is reciprocal that is when you give it out, you get it back in return.💕

For instance a man that love his wife and children deeply get back the love of his 💓💔family back. Likewise the leader that love his followers get back his followers love in return by obeying every of his instructions.

Love bring perfection that is it makes every people it revolve around to be perfect in their site. Through the perfection love brings to human it make everything to be in good manner.💞

Love bring perfect correction between people. If you love someone show it. Don't ever hide your feeling about love to anyone. Love your neighbor as yourself.💖

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