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Crowd the process of pushing together, act of coming together to form a force, unity of doing things in common. Crowd can be form in process of enforcing someone to do needful things. Crowd is a way in which people coming together to take a responsibility. Example people line up for voting is a responsibility of individuals. In term of protest that is the force. In term of gather together in a way of doing the needful. Pushing crowd is a responsibilities and always reassure yourself of your abilities and capabilities of keep pushing.

Example : The crowd in WAEC making centre in ondo state at Akure Nigeria is an example of crowd. the picture seeing below.

Unity crowd help achieving greater things. Crowd can be reduce or detach in different ways. Use security force to send them away, using systematic way by reducing the profit or benefits of people involved in crowd that is not warding.

In any social media that people are benefiting and congestion take place the way of reducing the people is quite simple, just introduce a new method of distributing the benefits or High the qualification of the benefit.

Crowd protest have been a major way of making government to do the needful things for their citizens.

Implication of crowd

Lead to congestion

Making people to achieve their aim

Enforcing one to do the needful.

Speaking the mind of others.

Making government to correct the wrong task.

Relief of oppression.

It make community to achieve their project plans.

It free bonding from the citizens.

It lead to stealing of people's property.

Things can be lost.

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