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What if - Bulls are never coming back in Market

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3 months ago
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What if! Bulls never come back ever in crypto or let's say something really bad happened like thanos vanished all the bulls ever exist from in real world or in cryptoverse as well

Two thing's will happen, we will starve for meat in real life and we'll starve for food and a job in MacDonald if bulls are ever gone from this universe.

Even though at the moment bulls are on leave and we all know they will surely comeback sooner or later.

Anyways came back again after two day's rest coz of guest's and spending time with loved once so changed my schedule to maintain my productivity.

Bull's are doing rest

When bear's take over crypto market start freezing and emotional or weak people just give up believe me or not some people can't bear any panic.

And Goat dialogue "Winter is coming" it's already here and Night Walker's are actually whale

Who are emotionless and cruel that they don't think twice and just crash the whole market together.

These whales always manipulate with market and people mind. No one should trust them also they're one who control bull or bear market

But everything is clear, bull run always comes once in a 4 year at the time of halving but no exact date when the market will exactly make ath or crash to it's low.

These are just mind games and whale's like to play with people we are like puppet to them.

Two thing's are stopping bulls to come back actually one is inflation and second one is fear (fud).

Different states before bull run happens

Current market is something bad or unpredictable we are hearing bad News after bad news over and over again

We go through different states before bull run start or we come closer to bull market when

  • Market's are cold, Fear at it's peak

  • Coins at it's lowest

  • Accumulation state

  • Good news decides market condition

(AFAIK) according to my personal observations these are things matter a lot or maybe I'm 99% sure missing other thing's. Let me know that in comments.

We're in accumulation state (RN)

This is the time when I'm seeing people are accumulating more. They're giving priority to top coins which might perform Good in the bull rum

Especially when inflation is making them poorer everyday and even it has effected market much more than our expectations.

So i believe everyone Right now is more focused on accumulating instead of panicking themselves.

Thing's I'm accumulating nowadays

In these day's theirs multiple option to accumulate and I'm focused on very few thing's

Like first priority is always BCH

  • CMC diamonds

  • Building a better hive portfolio

  • Always keep accumulating more stablecoin.

Since we all know BCH is literally too down and I'm slow these days very inactive but slowly accumulating or buying more BCH from market.

Next is

Been like months accumulating diamonds and was inactive for more than 2 months now started accumulating again as it doesn't take much time or it's easy and can be a very good thing in future.

Always keep accumulating more stablecoins

I've a strategy for this and trust me I'm in shit tons of loss because of this thing (Yield farming) in SmartBCH

I'm accumulating stablecoin by harvesting once in a month from my yield farms in SmartBCH and selling instantly for FlexUSD.

My portfolio position

I'm down 90℅ coz of being fully into BCH.

90% in BCH and 10% in stablecoin also 25% in stablecoins (SmartBCH) and 70% in sep20 tokens, only 5% in BCH (SmartBCH).

Instead of growing or progressing I'm regressing badly lost my whole portfolio almost like 12 months of hard work is dust or worth zero at the moment.


I'm so frustrated coz of market failing all the time to go up and I'm desperately waiting for a bull run to happen maybe the next year or exactly in 2024.

Some are saying we're still in bull run some saying it will come again at the end of 2022 and some saying in 24 (make sense) and some are believe it's the end of crypto a ponzi blah blah.

I won't listen to anyone or won't go in depth I'll do what i think is best and that best thing is only learning new thing's and get better.

Bull's are never coming back unless they're ready to come back and we don't know when exactly they're coming back but we know they'll comeback anytime soon when everyone will lose their hopes they'll eventually get surprised by bulls.

Anyways I'm back will be more consistent from now onwards. As we know a new month is about to begin and I'm not even close to achieve my goals so have to get back on track.

Well let me know what you guys think when will be the start of next bull run.

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Written by   500
3 months ago
Topics: Bull run, Market, Fear, Facts, Trading, ...
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Ahhh I will just accumulate more and wait for the bull run. I hope it happens, maybe not sooner, but hoping it is still possible. I have so many goals to do!

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3 months ago

Same thing I'm doing accumulate, wait for bull run and spend less.

I also have so many goals to do hope we all will make it.

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3 months ago

i wish that bull run will wake up soon HAHA but as of now lets focus on accumulating more and more!

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3 months ago

Exactly haha let's accumulate and live in the moment.

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3 months ago

Accumulation of stable coin is the best option available to one in the time of crypto crash and dip

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Yea but stablecoins are also not too safe but at least better than a crash.

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3 months ago