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This BCH dip is last opportunity: dip getting deeper

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2 months ago
Topics: Dip, BCH, Bitcoin Cash, Reality, Feelings, ...


Market condition is getting worst day by day and I'm thinking about those who are in big loss or they need money but they can't do anything but it's their mistakes if they sold their houses to bought their favourite assets i believe we should only invest those money which we don't need in future and believe me once you did you'll never feel depressed about your investment.

Anyways our topic is BCH current situation and it's the last chance of this year before taking a big ride and it's currently down and going more down from 500$ to 400$ and so on and i saw some similarities that's why I'm saying its last time we'll see BCH that low of this year.

Market current situation

It's normal for those who are experienced person in crypto world but i saw first time market bull run and also bearish market as well and my experience is worst than anyone.

Market is bleeding

Like seriously i never thought bearish market look like this but it's too much fun I've never seen a market full of thrills.

Everything right now is a good opportunity to anyone who's aiming for long term investment and they knows better but peoples like me always remain silent and do nothing in this situation.

Personally i saw many of peoples still making profit and gains from market and it's showing their experience which inspired me alot I've some so called friends but they never share how they are making profit if I'm one who have experience then I'll spread it with other peoples so they can took advantage as well but there are peoples exist who can't see someone getting success.

Anyways i saw first bull run and also a bearish market this year and my experience is like others noob peoples.

First bull run of mine

When i joined crypto world bull run was almost ready to take off and after knowing enough about BCH i knew about it advantages benefits and never thought it's prices also rise and it will give me profit so i was little noob at that time and i think everyone did this.

Now bull run accelerated a little before showing how it look like BCH gain ATH of year which was 750$ and I've came to know it's potential but i was still not able to make profit from this bull run.

Mood swings of BCH

I observed BCH doesn't listen anyone and it do what's he like in bull run it doesn't see where BTC is going it was pumping and then a little dip and then pump and then a dip which scared me alot and coz of this i sold all BCH at very low price.

I never saw mood swings like BCH and this thing done by my gf I'm gonna kill her.

Anyways i learnt alot and BCH taught many things.

My gains from bull run

Not a single dollar gain from bull run coz o sold before start of bull run and then i started accumulating more BCH when it was at its peak and literally i never feel more depressed when i saw BCH and market flying all over the sky and every single person is getting profit so why and at that time i convinced myself by saying there's a good reason for this.

My first ever bearish market

Peoples buy dip but I'm living in parallel universe where i bought things at high and at that time before start of this trend an insect which is known as trading bite me and i started learning it and then invested some but after it bearish market started and ny heart broken.

After lossing more than 50$ in this bearish market I'm only thinking about big investors but anyways they are more experienced than any.

Tbh it's me

Bearish market entering and it's worst prices scared alot of peoples and some of them planned to run away from this fear but some of them fall in trap and sold assets in lost.

Another bitter truth

Sometimes listening to a person advice is good thing but not at all time and it happened with me this time a friend asked me to not buy but i was like go away I know what's my plan and after buying it fall down and this was my condition.

My planning after seeing BCH condition

When i joined community 1bch cost 390$,and after 5months I'm seeing it going back there and it's last time for this year.

Still at it's best

I've a mindset in this condition coz i knew these 2months are for consolidation but it's going below 500$ last time and after this you'll never gonna see BCH down again I'm sure because this is exactly what happened 5months back.

My strategy of holding BCH

In this dip I'm not gonna miss this opportunity my bad luck is in noise cash coz not getting anything without knowing their new policy and update I don't prefer to stay more active there and saving time to learn other things but on other hand I'm making my own strategy of holding and it's simple first thing is I'm planning to complete 2bch before start of next bull run and i think if this bearish market last for next month I'll be able to achieve 2bch and I'm going to convert some.

BCH I'm going to use

I missed opportunity when it was at 800$ i preferred to hold and at that time i decided to take loan from friend instead of using some BCH I'm run out of money and i only need for my internet packages and I've no other choice left I've to return my friend money and also some needed for daily life use so now I'm just waiting when it'll reach 600$ again.

Some BCH for investment

This dip is golden opportunity and I'm planning to buy some CST tokens i think this time I'm going to buy 50$ worth or more CST and it will give BCH every week so it's a good thing and specially it's BCH friendly and previous time i didn't took it serious but now it's last chance and I'm not going to take risk.

I'm also looking for your thoughts in which coin i should invest right now.

Last time lower of the year

It's last time seeing BCH below 500$ and i think it's lowest of year is 350<390$ I'm sure about 390$ coz i joined at that time and I can't forgot it and BCH all time high of year is 1650$ which was just a signal for those who are thinking it's bad project or etc etc it's a slap from BCH and still a biggest slap is waiting to hit on their face when BCH will end this year and it will be at 6000-8000$.

Closing thoughts

It's just my opinion what i think it doesn't mean i can be wrong but I'm still sure it's last time we'll see BCH that down and after this we've to wait till next year to wait for it's lowest and I don't think if it's once claimed 6000$ and more than you cannot make BCH where it is now so without taking risk always stay in touch with future as you'll know BCH holders are future millionaire so hold it and use it whenever you need remember BCH is for everyone and can be use anywhere around world and use it as digital money or bank or property.

My mindset is i bought BCH like i bought property back in 2000 and now in 2021 it's 10 time higher then what i invested so always remind your mind what's your way of thinking about BCH some peoples use it as money some for holding and we'll know our main purpose is to make BCH adoption worldwide and I don't know when it'll become true.

That's all folks.

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Written by   310
2 months ago
Topics: Dip, BCH, Bitcoin Cash, Reality, Feelings, ...
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Let's just hope for the best of everything..!😊

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2 months ago

Everything will be fine.. Let's just hold 😊

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2 months ago

Will read it later because I'm in uni.. and you know jb bnda uni ho Kisi or cheez py focus nh hota.. that's why I'm not so active.. 🙊 but hope so next month will be lucky for me

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2 months ago

Bohat din bad dekha noise pr to show he nhi horahi koi post tmhari and kafi bndo ki and also use bhi nhi krta khair feel free to read it in free time and enjoy your uni time!!!

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2 months ago

Ahoo uni ayiii hoi.. idr busy bht hotii.. raat ko free hotiii... Exams hai 28 se... Or wo zyda imp 😊 In sha Allah exams k bd full active

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2 months ago