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Some Ideas to Make Noise Cash Better

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1 year ago

My own opinions :

My thoughts are day by day increasing about improvements of noise cash and what if i give some idea's to noise cash admins to take a look on it . i hope noise cash admin will reach out and will take steps .

First of Noise cash doesn't require much changes as it is well balanced than other website to compare there is no such website to compare it with noise cash .

Things noise cash should implement in platform :

  • Lots of peoples wants 10 to 15 sec video option.

  • Active status to know if he/she's is online or not .

  • There should be some type of badges to know about users. ( based on subscribers , his content etc).

  • There's alot of peoples making memes noise cash should provide them templates related to bitcoin cash or noise cash .

  • People's who subscribe to us there names should be displays on notification or when we click on no of subscriber there name pops up .

  • If this is possible to develop separate app where we people's can transfer this will be great thing but if possible .

  • Add an option to donate $ to needy peoples when we think about these needy peoples alot of people's will know our work how we are working and making everyone future bright .

  • There should be trending section in noise cash where we can see experience user's and let other's know what other's doing in noise cash .

Some rules which will help noise cash

  • If someone steal our content then copyright strike must allowed .

  • Copy/paste user's need some guide so there's something to make these peoples aware to not do copy/paste work .

  • Everyone there's creating fake account for tips these people's need mental treatment

These all opinions or thoughts are written by Me i am just trying to do something good and want to help noise cash they are doing great things for us so it is my opportunity to appreciate your efforts alot of thanks to for providing us this amazing platforms . i hope you will like my thoughts about website and please if I'm wrong then i want to ask you sorry if i did mistake in writing

Next time i will post other user's opinions what they are thinking i hope they also think same as me .

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Written by   440
1 year ago
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1 year ago