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My two family members life story: my real heroes

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2 months ago
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I hope everyone is fine and having a good day only few days left then we'll enter into a new month and time will reveal and also before starting of new month I'm seeing good things are coming coz my account in noise cash is just working fine

Rise of my empire JK

and will try to reach my target but main thing is how long it will work like this so we can't see what's coming next but getting good vibes and also these days I'm too much busy in my personal life even I can't talk to my friends from 2-3weeks and they are angry but don't know how I'll say apologize to them but still i know they'll forgive my mistakes.

So todays story is about my family members they are only two Lets start with their introduction and success story and their lifestyle.

My two family members

They are my mentors,my heroes and my motivators after seeing their life i always feel good that i didn't faced what they faced in their life and struggle I don't know how it was possible for them but if i were them then it was impossible for me to live life in this world actually one of them is no more with us he passed away and one is also not well so to remember them forever I'm going to share their story.

Their relationship with each other

Explaining their relationship with each other firstly then we'll move to their story so one of them is my grandmother "my mothers mom" and next one is "my grandfather"my grandmother brother".

Actually my grandfather died too early and my mom mother grew up in my grandmother brothers house coz my grandfather died before my birth or when my mother was a teenage girl and then she spent her life their and he was like my grandfather so this is our connection with each other and let me start with their life story.

My grandfather is my hero

He was mine hero and I'll never forgot them we all grew up hearing his stories and from how he changed his life from poor to richest person in our family and he always helped everyone and lived a very good life I don't have enough words for him but sad reality is he's no more with us in this world.

From poor to richest person

I still remember last year when he was alive and it was month of Ramadan and after prayers he told me and my cousins about their hustle and from then till now i started thinking like him.

So according to him he was born in a poor family and they are three brothers and one sister (sadly all three brothers passed away and now only my grandmother left his sister).

He always told us how poor they was even in their childhood he don't have proper cloths they never celebrated anything happiness was not exist in their time of childhood

Mostly we'll have memories and good days in our childhood but he was the one who spent his childhood by selling things (I don't exactly know what he was seeling) but after school he always work and sell products and at that time it was nothing what he was earning.

He leaved family and school

When he noticed the life he's spending isn't what he want to live forever he took a decision and it was impossible for our type of generation

He leaved his family, brothers and school to change his life until they made his dream reality.

I always think what if i leave my family and do same "no i can't spend my days without mom". So I'm thinking about him how he spent his days.

From Working in a restaurant to buying own restaurant

Then he started working in a restaurant where he was working and getting less salary but he saw no other option and he worked their for a year and more he even washed dishes and served (like me i also experienced this in my life) and i know how hard is to do in this country.

He told me it was one of their relative hotel where he was working as a servant and his skills and thinking was different from others ( successful peoples think differently from others).

Time passes and he got promotion and he was now manager their and after few times he bought that restaurant and it was start of their successful life.

All brothers reunion

He bought restaurant with help of their brothers and a friend actually at that time where they was working it was almost there to seal it coz of some reason but they was able to make them agree and then he bought restaurant and now they all are partners there two brothers and one two friends.

And still it was nothing for him coz he dreamed big at that time and then after working there and making enough money he planned to move on from there to another city and he decided to leave their brothers in restaurant.

He becomes one of biggest property holders

He moved from their to Karachi one of hottest place in our country and a city which is known as city of lights peoples of their work even in night time and they sleep less.

So he moved their and becomes a contractor and he was working in army area and there a general asked him about construction and he did a big mistake their.

He started working on project and he said they didn't even know how they are going to do and complete it but the army officer says you can do it and he started working and when half sculpture was ready when two army officer visited their they was shocked and it was not because he make perfect one he was shocked because he ruined it and coz they become a friend that army officer guided and helped him to make it what exactly he want.

Moving towards success

Step by step he was moving from a poorest person to richest person he started buying properties with money in that area and he also have some friends in army and other also so they supported him alot he from construction money he used to buy property their and also build his own house their and now it's been 50 and more years all family is living their.

He has a wife who supported him in their bad time and then she also tasted fruits from tree he grown up.

Richest in our family

His family was known as a poor but his efforts changed everything he told me no one was with him everyone was taunting and whenever he need them they left him alone but he didn't did same thing with them.

He took care of his family their childs and brothers it's a big story but he changed his life from poorest person to richest in his family and he lived a proud life.

He was too much inspired with bill quote " in the end he says me it's not our mistake we born in poor family but if we die poor then it's our mistake" and he truly make this quote a reality and from him i took motivation whenever i need.

My grandmother lifestyle

Now she's another person in our family which motivates me alot and her story is different and more likely brother but she lived a very simple life but can't share about her in this article coz I don't wanna make it too long so let's make this series and I'll discuss my family members success stories and lifestyle which is more than motivation we all need and finding.

Will try to do this tomorrow coz i wanna save their memories forever.

Closing thoughts

I felt so sad when i saw him leaving this world and i was there with him in his death bed he had a cancer disease and their family spent too much money for treatment coz they knew his life struggle he always made excuse about he don't need treatment he'll live his life with this disease as long as he can but their children and wife says you sacrifice your all life to make your children and next generation life's better so how we cannot spend your money on your treatment and believe me in his treatment almost half of money got spent but in the end he leaved us and it's been 1year we all remember him in our memories in our prayers and i think we're now incomplete without him.

But his story of life truly changed my life and my thinking also trying to become a strong person like him and I'll change my life as well it's a different story of mine.

"Good thing"

And I'm seeing kinda bright future in BCH coz it's price is too much low now but when it will pump i wanna full bags before train start it's ride.

Let me know how was the story and your thoughts on this it's not fictional it's reality based and next time I'm going to share my grandmother life.

That's all folks.

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Written by   310
2 months ago
Topics: Random, BCH, Nonsense, Society, Lifestory, ...
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I always heard a lot of stories like this one. It was such an inspiring story, even through pains, and hardships, all the efforts will be worthy.

I'm sorry about your grandfather, but I know he was so proud of you..☺️

Anyways, Thank you so much for the upvote. It means a lot.☺️

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2 months ago

I also heard this kind of the story of most of the successful person that came from the poor families. Well yeah, nothing beats the wise person 🥂😉

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2 months ago

We'll have similar stories but only few of them can achieve such things in life too much efforts and dedication required

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2 months ago

Definitely agree

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I was like out of breath while reading your closing thoughts 😅 you really need to put punctuations.. You know it right? 😁 remember, we should teach each other .

But the rest is the best.. Sorry about your grandfather.. But did he left you some inheratance since he was rich ? 😅 just wondering just like in some movies.. Passing the properties to grandchildren..

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Oh i almost forgot to add in last coz of hurry haha thanks for reminding

No he have his own childs and wife so all things belongs to them

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2 months ago

Oh sad.. But you are also a grandchild though.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

He's my mothers mom brother and he build everything by his own so i never thought about that

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2 months ago

Oh.. I got it

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2 months ago