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My experience of writing: interesting facts of daily blogging

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1 week ago


I hope everyone is having a good day and enjoying collecting their bags with BCH

So I'm going to share my experience of being a daily base writer and finding topic or some fact's only daily blogger's can relate with it.

Before starting i want to thank for supporting me in previous article i got massive support and you guy's are making my goal's easy for me to achieve so basically i don't have too much audience but these small number of peoples are like my family so a big love for them who always motivate and support me in bad or good time.

Going to share my experience of blogging and writing on daily base finding topic's and other things so let get started with it

Things going to discuss

  • My personal experience of writing

  • Finding topics

  • Some facts of daily blogging i experienced

Just these few things i want to share and you'll learn things from it and different lessons so please be with me.

My personal experience of writing

It's all started 2 months back when i was a noise cash user i was also new there and saw people's posting in read cash and a chamber with this platform name so i took interest and somehow i created my account and leave it didn't write anything coz there is a main reason will tell you ahead so after joining and ignoring i started doing things like normal in noise cash and when i started interacting with other peoples there who post articles link so it take my interest more i started questioning myself why I'm not trying it for first time and yeah as always ignored again like i was a billionaire and ignoring things.

Main reason of ignoring

Fact was i don't like to write even in school i was only child in my opinion that who never enjoyed writing and feel bored so i prefer ignoring and was searching for shortcut as everyone prefer shortcut instead of hard work i was one of them at that time when i was doing big mistakes and learning from it.

Like honestly i did research and the result i got was I can't do anything there coz it's require original self written stuff so i asked my friend I'm not going to work it's not in my favor or possible for me.

Then how my journey started

Something's or ways are already decided by god and i was one of those lucky person you'll say it's a weird thing or starting of first article written here.

Basically if you're noise user and 2months old then you guy's know giveaways or contest stuff that time it was a trend to join contest and get some BCH for free but this time it was not easy contest it was interesting one.

So task was join read cash and write an article on specific topic you can see what was topic by scrolling down in my list.

Firstly i ignored by saying who will do this hard work and writing stuff but after seeing prize i can't stop myself and i already was doing the awareness of BCH so it was quite easy to write my thoughts and from there i started and after joining contest and got reward coz i was one of winner's.

Then i stopped again my job was completed and my interest was still sleeping then after few days i decided to write again and that time i was doing mistake it was reading of time i always write too short and feel demotivated but i can bet everyone face this thing not talking about experience bloggers.

Old is gold

at that time i didn't think about BCH or i just wrote for contest but when i saw a vote from rusty yes you're listening right after posting he visited and i started planning this platform is interesting i should do more but from where to find topic's I'll explain you ahead so be with me.

1month old

After few days i tried again and then one or 2 more i quite writing for almost a week or 2 don't know exactly but i remember new month was started and seeing other people's sharing their goals so i tried one last time and got massive support and then my regularity started and i did too much things in just a small time and improved too much things and being a regular blogger or writer you'll be proud of having such a best platform to show your skills.

Lesson you should take

No one know about their ability if he don't find in his self if he will do like me and try to find shortcut or will not give yourself a chance then you can't go ahead.

I can say i find my skills and it's gifted from god thoughts in my mind is circulating like any blood which make me do more and more easily.

And i saw too less one with such ability of thinking and if you're one of them then you should thanks to god and explore your inside you can be a good writer.

Thing's i improved

From beginning to know i was improving my skills and day by day I'm getting better and for future i also applied for writing course so i can improve my writing skills way ahead.

You should learn things by your own do visit experience person and saw their work and take inspiration and some idea where you're doing mistake and he is going well.

I did this and result was impressive and now I'm applying my own pattern of writing from introduction to know.

Some interesting facts of daily blogging

No matter where you're writing if you're writing school work you'll feel bored but what if we change school rule and they start paying us for writing homework?

Isn't it is cool thing yes for me absolutely it is giving me opportunity and i can complete my needed things by writing my homework where i was felling bored now you'll enjoy it and take it serious that's how we all are working and daily blogger's are inspiring other's people's to be a productive person and make your day productive by giving some free time.

Another interesting fact is you'll not feel bored anymore if you're doing this on daily basis will explain it next.

Finding topics

My strategy of finding topic is easy coz I'm a person who always think and think and thought's are so strong and make it easy for me to find topic

Here some way to find topic

  • Thoughts in mind

  • Scrolling somewhere

  • Story telling

Let's get in deep

Thoughts in mind

This is me i always think and think but main reason i can find a topic so easily is alone I prefer to be Alone don't talk so much or waste their time i always think and my mind help me a lot when you're along it will be easy but you should think about specific thing like BCH related then only think about BCH then you'll find topic so easily.

Anything whisper in your mind is topic you've to write down your thoughts in notepad and now you found a topic already.

Scrolling somewhere

It help me a lot when ever I'm using social media platform there is 50% chances for me to find a topic which is interesting for peoples and will suggest you to do same search some in your surroundings.

Story telling

Every one has stories and I'll prefer it's a best choice for you to tell your stories and I'm also trying to become a story teller on daily basis i wrote few stories based on reality of my life and everyone has different stories you've to tell or share with others and don't feel ashamed just do it literally you'll enjoy yourself writing stories.

Once i was the one who don't like to write but know you know who i am 

as i said search your inside write and wake him up there is no way going back once you started expressing your feelings

closing thoughts

Here is my experience and little guide to find topic and some fact of daily bloggers like me i hope you guy's enjoyed it and learned something I'm trying to make other smile by spreading knowledge i know and if you've knowledge then share it with others it will also become a topic for you like i did.

Must drop your value able feedbacks in comment section how was my experience and please try to spread love coz I always think positive will see you later .


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Written by   135
1 week ago
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I don't know if I can do that, I don't write every day, but I still thank you, I'll try your suggestion

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1 week ago

Try it once i hope it will give you benefit!

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1 week ago

I am good and fine after reading your this article, I feel motivated and much inspire by your experience on writing....Well on the contrary to you , I love to write by my own , from my school level ...mostly kids dont do these things...they hate writing I love it... Thats your fate, that you got power upvote from rusty at the contest post , and that become the lead to your newly intersting articles...good luck more powers to you

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Thank you so much aunty I'm getting motivated from your comments keep motivating you'll also get rusty visit soon!

$ 0.00
1 week ago

you are welcome kido....Pray for me too

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Yup sure I'll😍

$ 0.00
1 week ago

I'm glad that you really chose to stay on this platform. We almost have the same way of perspective.

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Glad to have such experience person supporting me thank you buddy

$ 0.00
1 week ago

You're welcome

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Thank you

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1 week ago