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I'm so Not disappointed at all with BCH performance in this bull run

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10 months ago


Oh I'm so not disappointed with BCH performance I'm not selling any of BCH from my portfolio I won't change BCH into other crypto assets because of seeing it's performance in this bull run or bullish market

I'm not going to say bad words and illogical things against BCH I won't say lie i won't listen to anyone else who's saying bad for BCH i won't abuse anyone because BCH isn't performing well in this bull run

Literally from where such peoples came who start imagining to become a millionaire in just one night bruh this isn't ongoing movie this is real life

Where to reach at that level of success you dreamed in whole life is totally different from one you see in movies

In real life we've to face many challenges and many peoples will come in your way gonna throw obstacles to stop you and that time you'll feel most weaker person but only real person with dedication positive thinking his ability will take him out and than he'll be able to achieve success

Purpose behind telling this whole story is that we (some) peoples in community expect too much from BCH and I've seen many peoples and markets or Twitter and big things playing manipulation game with BCH and they don't want to see it in top 10 coins and spike in price

But as a person who's in this community since 1year believe that BCH have power and all that ability to reach dream position

So don't be like those peoples who start disbelieving in BCH for future value and tell peoples truth about BCH so it's adoption continue increasing all over the world.

Increase in adoption of BCH over world is beneficial for every holder

I'm thinking why don't peoples think about increasing number of peoples, business and shops adopting BCH in time period instead of looking at prices

All i know is only way and will make BCH valueable in future is because of it's adoption. As much as peoples will adopt BCH it will be more beneficial for holders.

It's clear very clear when adoption will increase more peoples will come to know about BCH and if you don't know one thing than you're going to make one big mistake in future

When shops and peoples will start using BCH than big companies and peoples who are rich will obviously want to have bags full with BCH and at that time they will start buying BCH from those who are not seeing any future value and than big companies will take away your BCH in seconds or you will regret rest of your life after seeing huge spike in prices.

Big hands behind low price of BCH in this bull run

Totally a huge manipulation going on and that's one of reason why BCH price isn't going up like how can more peoples will come to know about BCH potential and value when Twitter will hide #BCH tweets

They will ban or hide almost every talk on BCH it's new update and stuff

Specially I'm saying this after seeing many experienced investors giving open signals to everyone that BCH broke this resistance and was making a long run from this point but than it will start going down and continuously devalue BCH.

Increase in transaction of BCH maybe causing issue going up

Transactions happening in BCH network is continuously increasing and if I'm not wrong than it's already beat LTC in this and this increase in transactions mean more peoples adopting BCH and more peoples onboarding on BCH platforms and more business or shops accepting BCH

So as far transaction is increasing BCH is being used for right purpose at least peoples are spending BCH one is buying products what else is better than this

And it's not possible this is causing BCH to not rise and as long as BCH is being known and used for exchanging goods than we don't need to worried about we're on right track and it will definitely become a life changer in future.

Performance of BCH year so far

I've seen BCH below 400$ and than 600-700$ coming back to 400$ and going upto 800$ breaking 1000$ and making all time high for this year at 1650$ is enough trusting and believing it for long term

And also like previous month when BCH was bullish and crossed 800$ than Don't know what happened and it started going down.

Currently we're in accumulating phase or maybe deep pockets want to full their bags with BCH before BCH perform like previously so don't fall in trap and believe in it.

Not surprised seeing 1 year performance

4months back when BCH was at all time high this one year was 50% up but now it's down and bleeding but i believe this won't take so long that's why I'm not worried at all.

Living in a society where shitcoins is in top 10 leading crypto and BCH at 21

Peoples mindset in crypto world is totally something which need proper treatment like all hype for meme coin and making it into top 10 without making any sense

Only to take profit and only to make peoples homeless this is nothing just gambling coins

Isn't it's joke

There was a time when BCH was where shiba is currently at and I'm surprised to see this results in just a matter of time.

Accumulating more BCH is the key

If someone ask me are you satisfied with performance of BCH in this bull run than I'll gonna reply him yes I'm satisfied and not worried at all

Coz i don't want to see BCH price going up before end of this year i just want to accumulate more and have at least 10bch before seeing it's going higher than it's all time high

So i don't know who and why peoples want to see BCH skyrocketing i just suggest everyone to keep accumulating and hold it for long term coz no one can become rich in just one night.we just need to believe everything will go as our expectations in future.

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Written by   500
10 months ago
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BCH might be behind right now, I still have this high hopw that soon we will see it again fly to the moon. I don't mind those people who's doubting BCH as long as I know to my self that this Coin is all worth it.

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10 months ago

It's behind and we're still happy with it's price but soon will love to see BCH flying to the moon. Same thoughts!

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10 months ago