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I'm back at Work - No More Vacations

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2 months ago


Back at work! No More Vacations, No more laziness, No more time waste, No more finding a date, No more chilling.

Wait a minute hold on! I was never on a vacation not even lazy or wasting time. Not even interested in finding date i Gotta focus on career and to stay away from over thinking or stress i made myself too busy in things. I was totally lost and exhausted in the end of the week and also Sad being inactive from read cash.

There's a different reason why i was inactive here so will start with it and later what i did in this whole week or than back to work as consistent as always.

Reason Behind inactivity in past day's

I was so fed up with slow internet and it was becoming so frustrated to handle or control my anger that's why i decided to do a experiment and Changed my Internet provider.

Now the new Internet sim had pretty expensive package and less internet

See, still two days left but 100% internet is used. I spent $1 on this package and got only 4GBs on the other Sim it cost me a lil more than $1 like $1.2 and 40GBs internet which is huge and enough for the whole week but works slow.

Still I thought it's still better and in these past 3 days i didn't checked in read cash coz of it could have created more problems for me

Being a content creator already creating lot's of problems. So when I'm back to same Internet SIM now I'm also back at work.

Huh, Do you still remember me?

I hope so, I'm pretty sure if i Go absence suddenly and never see me again I don't think there will be someone to remember or maybe some of them at least i can expect people exist who Cares about me here than in IRL that's the reason i feel safe sharing whatsoever in my mind.

Daddy's Home!

I Spent this whole weekend writing new stuff

It was so exhausting in the end but felt Good working all the time at least it helped me divert my mind from other problems.

I was both actively doing good IRL or in virtual life.

Let's start the my IRL weekend stuff!

It rained, we enjoyed harvesting walnuts will share the fun part and story some other day.

Didn't watched movies, didn't used social media - Facebook. Spent time with family, did some workout and walks.

Everything summed up in short now because i was too focused on grind so let's start with it.

though want to see my writing spot?

This is it and those who ask me what motivates you or inspire you to keep writing - This is the reason.

View like this is more than enough for self motivation.

Hustling - Non Stop

We all are hustling some with there problems or stress, anxiety meanwhile I'm doing it to run away from these things.

I kinda found a way to escape that's why staying more active on Hive, Noise, meeting new people or this whole engagement thing and talks in discord is way to much helping me.

Writing passion has already take over me and i don't see if it's 4am in the morning or 2am or 5pm i just write and Good thing is I'm not getting tired.

One thing about hustle is one keep hustling till the last moment of life so it's never ending thing and I'm kinda enjoying it.

Growing in Hive

I'm happy with my Growth in Hive over the period of time. My more than one experience of writing from read cash is now helping me in hive.

My focus is on engagement > quality over quantity but you know I always try managing both together as we know consistency leads us to top.

Slowly and steadily I'm growing and not chasing or want a sudden growth nor putting all my energy into it coz later I'll lose my interest or will gain nothing so the slow growth is always better.

Trying to accumulate some ETH

This whole time I've never bought any Ethereum. Still remember the last time i bought was in bull run time for only $20 eth and sold it for $18.

Now because I'm not a Good trader decided to take part in writing contest to make accumulation possible.

So i did whole research and spent my whole week in the end yesterday i started writing and after hours published it at 2am late night.

It was about wallet and i wrote - Tally Hoo wallet is about to dethrone metamask wallet.

Well, it's last day and hope so I'll make it possible.

Focused on diversifying the portfolio

This bear market has effected BCH a lot and my portfolio came a long way back that's why I'm diversifying it. Giving my best and till next bull run

Hope i will have a Good diversified portfolio though for now I'm just at beginning so it really require lots of hard work and efforts to reach at some point.

Also Gotta Buy a new mobile

Another last reason is now i want a new mobile badly. It's been more than 3 months using my mom's mobile and it's too much she also need it

So doing some extra hard work these days and maybe next month if i won't make it than will try to get one on installment though i don't have any mobile in my mind as of now.


That's it for now, I'm back and missed my home and family.

Find me at:

Noise.Cash | Hive | Twitter | Publish0x |

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Written by   499
2 months ago
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I was also absent, as I was facing the Internet problem too. Good to see your growth on Hive. I also post there but very seldom. Anyway, what's the method to transfer our hive dollars into pkr?

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2 months ago

Thought I'm the only one facing internet problems.

I don't really know, never transferred but AFAIK, convert HBD into Hive and then send it to binance coz hive is listed on binance.

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2 months ago