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Don't let your confidence waver

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2 months ago

According to the Oxford Dictionary, confidence can be defined as:

>The feeling or belief that one can trust or rely on someone or something.

We can say that the word CONFIDENCE has different definitions but we can all agree that every definition will have the keyword "BELIEVE". To be confident, you have to believe in someone or something. Confidence plays a great role in our human psychology and it is very important that we need to be confident because confidence does not fail.

I used to be a very shy kid in junior school, I lacked the confidence to talk to anyone and thus I was the target of big hooligans. There was a time when I had to come out in the open to represent my class for a debate and even after a lot of preparation I came out and could not say a word. I didn't believe in myself, I had a serious problem and I lacked confidence. It's so interesting to know how much of a spark I am today! I easily connect and talk to strangers at any time and I never fear because now I believe in myself and I know that my confidence can never fail me.

Very often we are in situations where we are confused whether telling the truth is the best option or we are not sure that we are capable of doing that task, it is because we lack confidence in ourselves.

In today's world many people do a lot and the difficulties keep on increasing. It is uncomfortable to be confident in these situations. When I feel sad and hopeless and my confidence plummets, I do my best to feel the moment. If you're sad, it's okay to cry or express your feelings any way you want. It doesn't lower your confidence. It fixes it! But when descending, do not succumb to doubts. Believe in yourself in those sad moments.

I will share some of the ways that have helped me and I hope they help you too.

Know that you cannot fail and even if you do, it doesn't matter.

Failure plays a major role in killing our confidence, fear of failure can be cruel to our mind. So personally I deal with my fear of failure by first declaring "I can't fail" and believing that too. Sometimes we have already failed in our projects or endeavors, it is important that we tell ourselves to give it up and move on.

Confidence is a matter of the mind and we have to constantly play with our mind to be a part of it.

I know a chess master who is not so talented but rarely loses. He has this belief that he will always win no matter what happens, even if he is losing! It helps to create a success psychology towards you and eliminate the fear of failure.

Avoid negative people

Fear of failure kills confidence but not as fast as words from a negative friend! Negativity is very common nowadays, don't know why, but there are a lot of people ready to criticize your efforts. Ignore toxic people to maintain confidence. In fact, get rid of them

Set yourself a difficult target

When you set a difficult goal for yourself, it helps to build the confidence you need to achieve them. It acts like a magnetic force field. Goals attract confidence to your path. Set a tough goal today, and see how it plays into your confidence.

In conclusion...

Let us keep faith in ourselves and raise the flag of confidence in all our actions. With a high confidence level, we can't go wrong!

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Written by   4
2 months ago
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Self confidence is key to growth and development. You cannot achieve personal goals without confidence. I agree with you 100%. Thanks greatly for sharing this.

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2 months ago