Melodious Roses on the Top

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3 years ago

On a healthy bright day, red crimson rose flower blooms in abundance. On a shrub, The "King of

Flowers", Rose, stood out and protected by the small thorns. The fragrance of its petals make you

mad. The elegant aroma spread all across the garden making the air a sweet place to breathe in

and out, to inhale or exhale in the company of marvellous nature. Love to stand and gaze at

them. The fine tune produced by sprinkling air as it passes by the flimsy petal of roses, the shade

of life and emotions also become its part.

Love to have a romantic touch to the velvety red petals standing among the green scaley blade

leaves. Making a bouquet and giving it to your loved one makes it happy. But the thing that

makes me sad is the very small transitional life of it. A rose symbolizing love blooms from bud,

makes a distinction among others and then dies out soon. What a temporal life it has!

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Flowers are the soul of Nature 🌹🌷 and red FLOWERs beauty is always attracted to us ❤️ you explained very well about the flowers their fragrance their Beauty inspired to us we feel happiness when we touch its Petals

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3 years ago