Craggy Marvel of Sulaiman Range

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A town with beautiful natural landscapes, built by Robert Groves, named after by a Major

General Minrou is no doubt Fort Minrou. This hill station allures the attention of a large number

of tourists especially on hot summer days. As the temperature here is really cold even in

summer like that of Murree. It is about 6470 feet above the sea level hilly areas and it is the

region from which the Sulaiman Mountain ranges take its first step. My ancestral home is close


Girdu as titled by the native to the meandering loopy road is the center of attraction of tourists.

Recently these developing infrastructure initiatives are taken to attract more tourists from all

over Pakistan. The old track was initially established to connect it from another town with the

horse carriage as a mode of transportation. Even in my childhood, I used to travel these horrible

tracks that were so narrow that only one vehicle at a time moved across it.

That was the main

reason for deadly accidents. Now a lot of improvements are made and still carry on. It is really a

marvel of nature. Whenever you have an outing plan, you must consider it.

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Well you are great writer ibtisam.. Welcome here.

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