Asking these 10 questions will help you hack Your Career choices

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How do I choose a career

When we were children, the most common question we encountered was what we want to be when we grow up.  The same question plagued young adults today.

  1. What career should I pursue?

  2. What do I really want to be?

Asking these kinds of questions will help you decide on certain matters such as what degree to pursue during college or if you are ever going to college at all.

Choosing a career path is not limited to young adults. Even those who are already a member of the workforce find themselves questioning if they are in the right career path. Many professionals have switched careers at least twice in their lifetime after finding out that the first does not really work for them.

Here are some questions that you have to ask yourself when thinking about which career path you should pursue.

What do I like or love to do?

They say that you do not have to work a day in your life if you find a job that you love to do. Assess yourself.  Make a list of your interests. This can narrow down your choices of an ideal career.

 What are my talents and skills?

It is true that you have to consider what you want to do when choosing a career. But you also have to consider what you can do and what you are good at. Interest and skills sometimes do not come hand in hand. You may want to be an entrepreneur but your business skills are close to nada. Choose a career that you love and at the same time, you have the skills to pursue. You should always continue to broaden your skills and knowledge. Just remember you are never stuck, you always have the freedom to learn and will get more career choices from it.

 What kind of training or education do I need to take?

Some careers require a specific type of training or special education.  Can you afford it? Do you want to undergo such training? Today you can learn nearly everything from programming to graphic design, statistics you name it. Youtube is a great place to start.

 How do I deal with people?

It is given in any case that you once you start working, you have to have a good working relationship with everybody else.  Extroverts can do this with ease as they thrive around people. Introverts, on the other hand, will see this as a struggle. Taking this part of your personality as a factor for choosing a career will help you have a lasting career instead of switching from one job title to another.

 What kind of work environment will I work best?

Do you want to be part of a large company? Do you prefer a tight-knit work community? Or would you rather work alone? There are people who like their work but hate the workplace. In cases like this, a career switch may not be the answer. This part is crucial when choosing a career because sometimes your deepest passions can be ruined by the type of work environment you operate in.

 Am I willing to relocate for my dream job?

Pursuing a career may mean moving out of your hometown.  Ask yourself if you are capable of handling the change in terms of living conditions, the culture of the place where you’re moving, and the people.  You are literally stepping into the unknown when you decide to pursue a career that will take you far away from home. Is your spirit adventurous enough to make this move? 

Where will this career take me?

One of the considerations when choosing a career is the presence of opportunities for career advancements.  There are some who want to be on top of the world and so they pursue careers that could give them a chance to climb the ladder, either in the corporate or government setting. There are some who are already happy with their lives as long as their basic needs are met while there are others who find happiness doing their passion even if they do not earn much from it.

 How much do I want to earn?

Let’s admit it. For some people, it’s all about the money. They tend to choose careers and companies that are known to pay generously plus other benefits. It is important for them to choose a career that will make them earn as much as a person could. Ask yourself whether you are this kind of person.

 How much control do I have over my time?

There are jobs that will tie you to a desk for eight hours. There are careers that will require you to be on call all the time or to work beyond the regular office hours. There are those that let you work on your own time.  There are careers that will require you to pack up and travel at any moment’s notice.

 Are there jobs available?

If you have chosen which career to pursue, ask yourself again, are there any job vacancies for this particular career? Do make research on the global and local labor market for any job availability.

Remember that choosing a career path is not all about just passion or money.  Picking a career is a balance between your wants and needs with your talents and skills as well as with your short term and long term goals.

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