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2 years ago

Hello , I am khan. I am a contributor who is interested at bitcoin cash currency. I am looking for people who want to learn about bitcoin cash . The people who want to be more fluent in using it. I am originally from Pakistan. Now I live in Africa

My nickname Khano aimed to spread bitcoin cash awareness and make people love it and use it for buying anything .

I have been graduated from English university in Africa and specialize in business English. I travelled to Africa in 2008 and I work as a teacher there for more than two years . So I have some money and gain experience.After that period , I discovered crytocurrency but I was unable to understand it I think this was at 2011.

So I continued to teach students at some private schools in pakistan. So I can make some additional money because I wish to build my financial freedom using cryptocurrency.It is a long story but it is faxinating . In 2016 , I joined Steemit , a platform for content creation and barely make some funds at that time .

After that , I tried to find some giveaways in crypto and luckily I start making some crypto. It was cheap at 2019 period at about 3000$ I think.

But now, I find Readcash through an internet research . At that time , I was making a research about bitcoin cash which become my favorite one.In my free time , I enjoy surfing the net and enter some bitcoin cash competitions .

I am married and have two kids . my wife support me in what I do her name is Malala . I have two cute cats named magnus and luna. I enjoy having fun with them when I feel boring . Writing is my passion. And bitcoin cash led me here

Thank you for reading 🙏🙏

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Its nice to meet u sir.. hope many more article you should write soon...👍

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2 years ago

Its nice to meet you khan. I am new here in and if you want to know me I have an introduction too in my first article :) nice to meet you again! have a nice day

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2 years ago