The rise of Artificially Generated Influencer - Are we Stupid?

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If you are an active social media user then you may have already seen some AI influencers. This is nothing surprising as we live in the time of Meta. Humans are social and this rise of artificially generated influencers says it all, how we create a bond with them, even knowing they don't exist in real life.

Still not sure what I'm talking about? See the Instagram page of 'lilmiquela' and you will be stunned.

I'm not against it nor do I support this. To be honest, there's a need for this but on the other hand, my 'old brain' think, it's stupid.

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There are more than 150 influencers right now and the number growing. Whether or not you like the idea, you have to approve that in digital marketing, they are the next big thing. Because look. You don't have to wait for the 'models/influencer', the right angle to take photos, their makeup or mood, in general, anything human anymore to use them for marketing purposes. At the end of the day, we only connect with influencers through the material they provide, whether they are actual or virtual. And they are easily associable, can make them speak for us on certain issues; so why not?

However, the truth is -

We do not like deep fake and don't likely associate with demonstrably false content. Also, a sane mind knows what they are looking at, what they are forced to believe is not true and it's highly unlikely that there would be no 'influence'.

Their impact on our life is more than real. Humans are fighting with their self-esteem for a very long and these AI influencers will make that a bit worse. They look imperfectly, perfect and real. We have seen how the young gen is running to look like celebrities and now this gonna add to their lists too. Also, this raises the same question we asked about robots, aren't they taking away opportunities from humans? I believe so. On the other hand, virtual influencers might just be “yet another way people can be made to feel inadequate”, says Peter Bentley.

We will soon be living in an era where there would only be a thin line between real and AI. That sure will bring many good sides like people can be less lonely. But there would be huge cons too. Like some of the influencers have already shown a 'modified/unrealistic body image', supporting certain issues that raised debate. Because it's the people behind them that use them for their own gain, as simple as that. So the next war would be on Meta.

Moreover, I believe, the human brain is designed in a different way. No matter how much we feed it with 'more than real/just like real', it will search for the real. This whole concept is just another struggle waiting for the human race.

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