How much short-term pain are we going to require to sustain?

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1 year ago

This is a genuine question we should ask in this economic situation. I know it's not just me who feels like we are just living day by day. More precisely, just surviving one day after another in a hope that things will be good someday.

There's no certain answer to this question. Just like there's no certainty about when the 'good day' will come.

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The price of food is almost double now. The price of shelter/housing is more than double. And the fuel price, every living cost skyrocketing without giving us any chance to adjust with our earnings.

How we are living is a kind of short-term pain. More or less, all we are accepting is that in the back of our minds there's a foggy calculation. The war will stop, the economy will go back to normal, etc. But the truth is, even if everything goes back to normal, the cost of living will be the same. We better understand it and try to find ways to cope.

Have you noticed that there is no measurable act from the government and the authority to solve this? It's because they have their own agenda to act upon. World politics and the economy are changing so rapidly, it will be hard for many countries, especially ours with a small land, to survive.

Unfortunately, I don't see any way out of this. Rather than working our as off to sustain, every day. If you can't relate to what I'm talking about, know that you are fortunate. For people like me, who have a family to support, mount to feed, and ensure shelter and lifestyle; it's getting tougher every single day.*

What about you? Did you ever ask yourself this question?

How much short-term pain are we going to require to sustain? Is this gonna be for a few years? Or for decades? Or our offspring, the next generation will have to adjust to the same pain? Are we ever able to change our economic condition? Or will it be progressed but leave us in the same condition or worse?

And I believe, sooner or later we all are gonna be in the wave of the impact of this economic situation.

Remember, things are gonna be worse. We have already failed to hold anyone accountable for unethical business practices and involvement in immoral activities. This proves what is waiting for us. Some day it will happen to you, me, or the person next door, and will have nothing to do.

This pain of survival is not short-term at all. It became imposed in our life and we have to continue it, probably generation after generation. At least that's what I believe. Now, there will be some who will get out of this coop and will be able to improve their life. But for many of us, it will be our life story.

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