Financial stress and crypto blogging platform - Searching for the best coping mechanism.

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The higher your income, the lower your stress.

It seems like a myth in today's world. I would say it's kind of the opposite in the current economic sense. Financial stress is huge if you have money and you are on the way to making money. Especially if it's not a major financial gain through inheritance, business share, or sudden boom in the market then you will always be stressed about your daily income.

And who joined in crypto and Hive knows it better than anyone. Don't say that, you feel relaxed if there's no vote if your posts. People put their day and night into it. So the stress is justified.

There's no need to say, we can easily make much more with the same amount of effort than just blogging here and there. I believe it's kind of a passion, a passion to grow a stable profile than just gaining daily returns.

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Is it possible to remove the emotional tension while blogging?

Probably but that's not easy.

Well, I don't earn a lot here. So you may not find it interesting to listen or get any suggestions from me. That's justified. But agreeing on a few things doesn't cost anything, right?

As I'm not a good earner here, so I can clearly say how I adjust to the financial tension of blogging.

I found that there's almost an equilibrium of how much you can gain from your popularity, effort, and financial investments as well. So if you are lacking one of these or all of them, then don't expect much. If you put everything and still do not gain then think about what you are doing wrong. I believe, the answer will be right there.

Focusing on building a profile rather than only money is a good thing that can keep us going. Just look at my profile. I didn't have the opportunity to invest here for many reasons but when I got it, I started to act accordingly. Keep the consistency and try to be stable gradually.

Lastly but more importantly, don't compare with others' profiles. It will add another brick to your frustration, nothing else. If you want to analyze their model of success, it's okay. But paving your path based on your own strategy is what I find more logical.

Only worry about the things that are in your hand but you ruined it. Feeling anxiety about the things you can't control is not a financial behavior we should adopt.

Do what is right, feel the passion, put in your effort, and grow gradually.

That's what I follow. What do you think?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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