Mother's Pride

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2 years ago

Life becomes busier as we grow up and we often forget that our parents are growing old. It's just recently during the quarantine that I notice the wrinkles on my mother's face, I just realized that she is already in her 50s. I was so hooked up with the demands of my studies and job, very occupied with building my career that I never noticed our dogs were no longer puppies.

During the quarantine where I ate meals that are all homemade makes me realize that there are no fancy restaurants that can be compared to my mother's cooking skills. The pandemic might make us frightened and wrapped in unbearable pain due to the grief of our loved ones that have passed away but we cannot deny it unites the family as well.

Right after my senior high school graduation, I was so drowned in finding money and scholarships to support my studies that I can only see my mother for a few hours a day. I even most of the time skip meals at home to be able to adhere to my work schedules Lately is different, I have a chance to have a legit conversation with my mom with my plans in life and other things that needed to be discussed. The best things is I am able to eat with my family without worrying being late or catching time.

Last night, my mom made chop suey, a Chinese cuisine that I love the most paired with ginamos (a Philippine appetizer). Since I was a child this is one of my favorites food, I am highly into vegetables. My heart was so happy seeing what we have for dinner. Eating with your family hits different, the feeling can never be compared to eating with friends in a samgyup restaurant.

How amazing is it that a simple flavor of food brings you back to the time you first taste it, it brings back so many memories during childhood? The conversation at the dinning table hits different, the "how was your day?", "whats your plan after college?", "How was your boyfriend?", these things should be protected and cherished.

The photo above is the essence of this article. The empty plate that was once fulfilled is the mother's greatest pride because this symbolizes that she is able to provide to her family, that she is able to make the family healthy and strong.

No matter what is our age, wether we are 22 or 102 our mom will still cook for us and will look at like a five years old child. Hug your mom after reading this.

-Writer Jo

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