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Hi! Its me.. 🤗✨

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1 year ago

Hi there, readers and writers! Im Philoselene, well my username is far from my real name, yeah 😅 Philosene means moon lover, once i dream to be an astronaut when im little im 8yrs old that time when me and my father loves to play guitar in our veranda looking at the moon and stars, singing greatest hits of Air Supply and Vasil Valdez. Since that day, i love watching the moon in darkness of the night, mesmerizing memories, telling all my problems like the moon is listening to me.

Looking at moon when im sad, looking at the moon when im happy, if no one want to listen and even in normal day or times.

But you will believe me if my name is Elizabeth? Of course yes bcoz I said it lol but yes my name is Elizabeth. Its from the bible, well my siblings names is from the bible too.

Im 1st year in highschool when i see im good on writing poem and stories, but I don’t have a confidence to show it. So, i just put it all on my notebook, but my teacher see it and force me to join the essay writing and poem writing on school lol 😂 but then i stop as im not confident as others.

My hobby is to sing, well i get that talent on my mom and loving to music of my dad 🤗 perfect combination right? Hahaha
They influence me to music. I join choir since elementary to highschool, im also volleyball player in my school and our municipality.

but, there’s an ups and downs in life. But it will make you tougher.

I have a kids now, Im 23yrs old. Single-mom, Independent woman. Paying my bills, raising my kids with my mom beside me, always.
Im a freelancer now, its hard now to find a client as there’s so many professional now on our industry but still trying, hard-working and patience is the key to success.

I know this site to my friend, it’s good to have things to do especially this time. So i grab this opportunity.

Hope you all enjoy reading short self-intro of mine 🤗 see you all around! Let’s support each other here ❤️

This is my youngest, how cute hhhe is is how naughty he is lol

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1 year ago
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