The Dogs in my home

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2 years ago

Dogs are said to be man's bestfriend.... And indeed they are truly my bestfriend. We have a family of dogs in our house, actually they are 10 in all.. And taking care of them is a huge task. But i am not complaining because when we decide to have much number of dogs we already know how responsibilities we have specially we have special breed of dogs..

Our english bulldog for instance have much need to others specially food since his a large breed of dog but i need to watch his weight him bath... and of course giving him walk as exercise too...

We have also a shitzu the oldest among the dog breed we have...much behave one. Giving him grooming once in a while so his hair would not grow too long because it irritates him..He does not want long hair..

Our new addition the two little one... We have a chihuahua and a shipoo(mixbreed of shitzu and poodle)... Between the two the shipoo is much easy to handle she is behave not like the chihuahua who is so much energetic..And we are teaching them tricks of now they know hi five...

And of còurse we have 6 aspins in the house their our bodyguards specially at night some of them have breeds but it's the local breed you can see in their features...these six are much more on food and i gave them bath too. Glad they are behave when told so..

So you see having them is a stress reliever they may be grumpy sometimes but i love them all... And they are not just a responsibility they are our family...And we treat them with love and affection they deserve...

Do you have dogs also in your homes?

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I also love taking care of dogs but here in our house, some alcoholic drinker kill them because of their needs which is making me feel angry 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I couldn't do anything but to cry and blame myself because I'm a useless guardian. There's no night that I won't blame myself because of what always happened to them so after that, I don't accept a small puppies anymore.

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2 years ago