Covid-19, its impact on world economy and importance of digital currency

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2 years ago

From the last year, world is suffering from havoc of Corona Virus. This catastrophe not only proves our healthcare systems fragile but also showed the unsustainable economic practices common in today's world. Current economic development and growth of first world giants suddenly faces fall out as pandemic progresses. Witnessing pandemic from last 16 months, financial markets are still seemed to be affected by impacts of Covid-19.

Digital currency is the dire need of people in these times. Corporate sector cut down salaries while the labourers are most affected. Daily wagers have to suffer the most as economic shutdown goes on. People are looking for alternative ways to earn their livelihood.

This is digital world. Digital currency has the future. We can't deny the importance of Bitcoin. Investment in these sectors can boosts one's business accumen. As the people are highly addictive of using smart phones, social media platforms. There is need to spread awareness regarding the earning the money through these modern channels. People with traditional approach often oppose and consider this as fraud of modern world. There is need to properly educate the people about this. As the future of world lies in dealing modern problems with modern solutions.

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