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2 years ago
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So this is my experiences on with 2 days of using it.

First of all my Twitter account got block multiple times like it was 4-6 times in the course of just two days. Also one of the most common problem was the post is not showing in the list of latest post. I know it's not's fault, it's Twitter's fault but I don't know. Just a suggestion maybe we can implement this using and not on Twitter. Like in the same rules you post with a hashtag and with your link. So that we can get out of the not showing post bug.

Second of all I did get free BCH on my post like maybe 6 times with posting almost a 150 tweets in two days and the issue is I always get like 0.03 or 0.01 it's always like that and others even get more than a dollar in just one post. Maybe it's not the bot's problem, maybe I'm just unlucky with the site, but still I think it's a little unfair. I don't know.

Well so far that's the only issues I have with the site. Don't get me wrong the site is good,the idea is wonderful but maybe just some fixes. I know the site even said that it's still in development. So I know we can expect more in the future.

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