Extend a helping hand for the treatment of the dead and injured.

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Extend a helping hand to those injured and killed in the catastrophic fire at BM Container Depot in Sitakunda, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

The number of corpses is only increasing. The number of injured is more than 400 hundred people. At this time help is needed more than you can help. Stand by the side of these helpless people. My team and I have extended a helping hand. Through us you can extend a helping hand.

Life feels like video games. Life has no value, death has no right, no justice, no accountability.

Someone is crushing on the road, someone is collapsing a building or someone is flying to a chemical plant.

We are going through one round after another just to survive.

While scrolling on Facebook today, I came across some videos of the Sitakunda blast. After watching them, it seems that an instability is working. The mind is completely broken. Feeling very uneasy. What a horrible sight! Many lives have been lost, and many firefighters are still risking their lives. Respect, love and blessings from the heart for you. May the great Creator protect us all.

This is the state of the country in the Sitakunda fire. And what if there is a fire at the Rooppur nuclear power plant?

There is no shortage of corruption. And if this happens at the nuclear plant, where will everyone escape? Hydrogen peroxide fire is not going to be extinguished. How about the nuclear center there?

The fire at Sitakunda is like a mosquito near the fire at the nuclear power plant. It is scary to think.

This is not an accident but the result of negligence of the entire depot owner. The fire service was not notified after the fire was contained. It has been said that there are only exportable garments. As a result, firefighters have used water instead of foam. This is the reason why this fire is in such a terrible condition due to the explosion of one chemical combustible material after another.

And the depot owners will have nothing to do with the big donors of the ruling party, the big holders of the garment industry owners association, the owners of the top newspapers, the educationists!

Terrible B * explosion at Qasim Jute Mill BM Depot. It is trembling over an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 5 km

A live broadcast shows firefighters trying to extinguish a fire.


Watch the video below of corpses and corpses https://fb.watch/dse9FNTm6I/

Come forward for help everyone.

Salute firefighters

Our firefighters are saving people's lives with their lives. They have taken to the field in the same way to put out the fire of Sitakunda. This time the damage was a little too much.

Five firefighters have been killed so far in the rescue operation. I'm in a lot of trouble.

Drivers of rickshaws, CNG, other vehicles

Not renting. Medicine pharmacy free. Thousands of blood donors waiting to donate blood. Giving physical labor

Hundreds of volunteers. Food, water supply that way. Political leaders have come forward regardless of party affiliation.

Ah, humanity.

Chittagong really deserves praise.

Come forward for help everyone.

No refugee camps, no launch decks. This is the scene of Chittagong Medical.

They were already admitted to the hospital bed. Patients injured in last night's container explosion are leaving their seats to get a bed outside.

Man-made disasters never come with a message in advance. The manner in which the people of Chittagong came forward to save the lives of the injured patients in the middle of the night has set an example of humanity.

Come forward for help everyone

Our new generation, our country

Medicine free in different pharmacies,

There is a list of thousands of people who are interested in donating blood, who will donate blood at any moment.

Again someone brought light food.

Many people are taking ambulances, Laguna, CNG people for free all night

After seeing such a picture, it seems that it is my good fortune to be born in this Chittagong

I used to think that there is no one in this world.

Now we have to think, if the world is beautiful, if everyone raises their hands

May the Almighty God protect everyone - Amen

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