Love : An Invisible Power.

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2 years ago


Love is one of the most powerful things in the world. 'The love' that everyone in the world is waiting for that whether it is an animal or an human beings. Human civilization survives for love. And the earth so on. But its absence caused widespread chaos in the world. Which is what we are realizing in the world now. The presence of love in the world can no longer be realized. Everyone thinks of his own perfection. Everyone is now thinking about how to grow up by keeping others down.But it should have been the opposite. We should all have shown an attitude of cooperation towards each other. But we are doing the exact opposite.

We can show lots of examples of this. Some examples are shown below:

  • Rich are always rich : The rich countries of the world are trying to get richer by thinking of their own interests. And the underdeveloped countries are falling further pressure of the rich countries. The same thing is seen in the upper class people of the society and also in the lower class people. The upper class always dominate the lower class. Karl Marx’s' 'Division of Labours' theory is another example of this.

  • Nuclear power is also an example of breaking the rules of love.

  • Civil War can be shown as same as the above reasons.


If we want to see the world in a peaceful wsy, we must get rid of this curse. And that is possible only with love. Nothing else can bring this world back peacefully. Finally, I wish peace to the whole world. Hopefully soon the whole world will be peaceful again.

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