His Forbidden Love (Part-6)

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With a shocking expression in her face Kenan stands up from sitting. Her eyes get two times bigger and she is still unable to believe that Albert is standing in front of him. Gradually her lips expand with a smile of inner joy and happiness. Albert feels like that sweet smile in her face is scattering her beauty even more. As if he is more attracted towards her than before.

Immediately the restless and sleepless body of Albert finds peace, calm and relax. He discovers that his heart is beating faster. Staring at her with no bink for a while he feels happy and also starts smiling at Kenan.

Meanwhile Kenan feels like she is drowning into the depth of those blue pair of eyes of Albert. Those eyes are filled with a huge box of mystery, love and affection for her. Her breathing becomes so loud, deep and dense.

Albert, for a second stops breathing at her expression. He again feels like the princess of sea is here. Unknowingly he whispers to himself,

''Sea princess!!"

Kenan couldn't hear that. She starts feeling uneasy at those addictive eyes of Albert. She blinks her eyes repeatedly for a while and turns her head upside down to reduce her uneasiness.

Suddenly Albert starts running at her. Before she could say anything Albert hugs her with all he can. Feeling that tightest hug she discovers his restlessness and how much is she missed by this guy. Unknowingly her hand reaches at his back, holds him and she whispers at his ear,

''Are you ok Mr. Albert?"

Albert was so into hugging her that it takes a while to get her words in his head. When he gets it he moves backward a little but doesn’t move far. Both of them can feel each other breathing faster. The smell of their body attracts them both towards themselves.

Kenan feels unable to move as Albert’s face is slowly coming near. Their noses touch each other and breathing gets even faster. With the feel of an unknown comfort Kenan closes her eyes. But when things are about to go further she hold her left hand towards Albert’s chest and stops him. Getting obstruction, Albert first looks down to her hand in his chest and than moves his eyes at her. gets obstructed by kenans hand which stops him advancing towards her.

Even though Kenan gets weaker at this close comfort of Albert she speaks up with a trembling but soft voice,

'' It will be a disaster if we get even closer. Don’t come forward."

Moving away from her Albert grabs his own hands and speaks in his mind,

''I tried a lot but couldn't keep myself away from you. What is that mysterious unexplained feeling dragging me towards you every time?"

Kenan controls herself even more and says,

''Please sit Mr. Albert."

Albert smiles and sits. Kenan also sits down and starts gently knocking at the table with her nails. Both of them are confused about where to start from and what to say.

After sitting silent for ten long minutes Albert speaks first,

''How are you?"

She smiles gently and replies,

''Fine. What brings you here?"

''I don't know. I just wanted to see you."

Kenan feels that mysterious swing in her heart but doesn’t expose it. Albert again asks,

''So why didn't you come in the beach in last two days?"

''I was a little bit sick, caught by a fever last night."

''Do you still have it?"

''No I am ok right now."

Albert hesitates. He wants to be with her even longer but his conscious mind is constantly restricting him to do so. He stands up and says,

''I am leavng. Excuse me."

Kenan feels disheartened. She wants this guy beside her for some more time. She feels like being with him gives her comfort and makes her forget from the past nightmare. But he wants to leave. That’s pretty rude and selfish!....she feels.

She runs at him, holds his hand and with a requesting expression she begs,

''Don’t just leave me alone. Be here with me allowing with some of your precious times."

Albert feels like his heart suddenly got drowned in a sea of pain at her such expression. He also wants to be here to overcome his own loneliness. Kenan gets closer to him and says,

''I am coming in a few minutes. Can you wait?"



Arlando was a whole drunk last night lying in the sofa. He finished one full bottle wine and lost consciousness midnight.

In the morning he feels a soft hand touching his head. Opening his eyes, he discovers Ally. She is his only daughter who belongs from second wife Fina. He wakes up with a bit shocking face and asks,

''Dear, when did you come? Who opened the door?"

''Dad the door was open. Mother Jocasta called me last night. She said you would be here alone."

Arlando smiles as if he is very happy hearing this but gest disappointed deep inside. He won't be able to call his girlfriends to come in. Arlando asks,

''Dear, are you going to stay here? How long will you stay?"

''Until mother Jocasta returns? Why dad?"

''Nothing dear. Have you done your breakfast?"

''No dad!!I was waiting for you. Go and get fresh."

They kiss each other on cheeks. Arlando returns to his room and gets tensed. What he will do now? How will he spend all the day without being attached to any girl in his bed. Jocasta is also away from him. He is getting mad thinking over it.


Kenan stares at the manly hand of Albert holding break. She wants to touch it but it will make Albert think bad. She curiously asks,

''Where are we going?"

''No particular place, just roaming around Panama city."

''Oh. The city is beautiful for sure."

''You can go to Florida as well. It will give you another feel of beauty."

Kenan is sitting silently and looking outside. A cold breeze passes away touching both of them. Albert looks at her with wide eyes. He is feeling attracted deeply towards her and unknowingly wants to touch her lips

with his owns. But as usual hid conscious brain doesn’t let him consuming his affection for her.

To be continued....

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