His Forbidden Love (Part-5)

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''Hey Mr Albert!!....How are you?"

''Fine. Is it really you who called?!"

''Yeah. Why?! Do you think You are dreaming???"

''Uhh no!! Absolutely not."

''Okay. So, what are you doing?”

''Nothing special. What about you?"

''Nothing at all."

Albert took a deep breath and feels that, she is actually not doing well. But she doesn’t want Albert to find it out. He asks,

''Why are you here away from your country?"

''Well I ran away from my home and came here."

Shergil’s voice seems like shivering and she will cry anytime soon. Albert gets anxious for her and asks,

''If you don’t mind may I ask why you did so?''

''I used to live with my uncle and aunt. They never loved me and always treated me like their servant. My aunt lirine always used to shout at me, hit me even for for slightest mistake. I was always silent as if nothing happened. Moreover, she has an illiterate nephew named Ryan. He is a big scoundrel who is always drunk. He is never willing to work and earn his own livelihood. Now my aunt wants me to marry him. Is that possible to marry such a coward like him??

But she was constantly forcing me, threatening me to do so. At a point I felt like she would severely punish me if I just stay there. I didn’t think twice and ran away from that house like hell that very moment.

Speaking upto here, Kenan gets tired and starts silently crying holding the phone. Alberts gets very confused. He is thinking what he should say at this point.

Suddenly Kenan asks,

''Can you meet me tomorrow?"

Hearing this Albert again gets anxious. It’s a mystery to him now why he cannot say “no” to this girl for anything. Every time his heart gets jumped and devoted to everything she asks for. Today hearing her painful truth he is even not feeling good at all. He is so upset that he couldn’t tell anything. He neither can refuse nor can directly say yes.

Hearing no sound from him Kenan

again asks,

''Are you coming?"

''No, sorry."

Even though he feels like dying to meet this girl and give her a tightest hug, he replied just the opposite! Kenan starts laughing loudly and says,

''Okay no problem. Will talk to you later."

Albert puts down the call. But he can’t get his mind out of her. He spends the whole night thinking about her and asks himself….

”Why I am constantly thinking about this lady every moment?”.. But there is no answer. He again and again is checking his phone whether Kenan calls him. But she didn’t and the night becomes sleepless for Albert.

In the morning, after finishing breakfast Albert again goes to the Penscola Beach to look for Kenan. But She is not here today. Albert started feeling very upset and restless. With a sad heart and drowsy eyes he is staring at the blue sea.

Someone like him who doesn’t trust women at all can’t stop thinking about Kenan this whole time. He belives that every woman is just like her mom whom he hates very badly. Even hearing her name he gets pissed of. Albert closes his eyes, a drop of tear starts rolling down through his cheeks.


Arlando has come to his wife. Meanwhile Katherine has gone to her own home. Jocasta is still very upset and angry with him.She isn’t even talking to him. Though he is trying hard to convince her and talk to her but it isn’t working out. She is not willing even to look at him. Arnold has a weakness for all the women near him. Jocasta wants to go her sister's place but he doesn’t want to let her go. He is constantly begging, pleading seeking forgiveness. But this time Jocasta pays no attention to him and leaves the house. Arlando is someone who needs a woman every night whoever she is. He can’t spend a single night alone without being attached to a woman. He gets frustrated and pours some red wine in a glass. Than he lays backward on the cushioned Sofa.


Albert waits for a long time in the beach to meet Kenan but she didn’t come. He can clearly visualize Kenan standing infront of him looking at the sea, her face, her smile, her blonde hair. He starts feeling like something so precious and important is missing. As if it is lost!

He gets back to the hotel room and calls the reception. He asks to send another girl. Previous history made the reception girl scared to send anyone and she refuses with a lie to Albert. But he gets fired at her and threatened her. Than a girl named Silvia is sent to his room.

Selvia had no idea about Albert’s anger. He starts seducing him with a naughty smile and comes closer. Looking with a heavy meaningless expression he asks the girl,

“Kiss me.”

She sits and gets closer to him. Just when she is about to touch his lips Albert stops her holding his finger on her lips and says,

''Don't you dare to touch me."

She smiles but say nothing. Albert indirectly points her to lie down on bed putting off her dress. According to his instructions she lays down on the bed. Leaning on her Albert gently kisses her lips, sliding her belly. His hand reaches towards her strap. The moment he is about to remove it, suddenly he pushes himself back thrusting her bad. He couldn’t proceed further. He feels very hesitated and moves far away from her. He stares at her for a while and suddenly speaks loud,

“I can't do that!"

Silvia gets very surprised and upset. Being so much attractive and beautiful how she failed to get the attention of Albert is a mystery to her now. Albert sits beside her and shouts,

'Get out from here!!!!now………..I don't wanna see you!"

She gets very angry but gently leaves the room fast. Just like last night Albert couldn’t sleep for a single second continuously thinking about Kenan. He plans to go to Kenan’s hotel next morning.

In the morning, Albert rushes towards Kenan's hotel. The reception said that Kenan was in the hotel dine so he goes there running and starts looking for her.

Kenan was having her breakfast in the dining. She suddenly discovers Albert and gets shocked.

To be continued.....

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