His Forbidden Love (Part-3)

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Albert takes 15 minutes of his life in watching the girl's beauty.Her beauty Can't explain in words.Her eternal beauty sooths his heart and the heart is beating t a fast pace as if it will be burst.

Moving back his eyes from the girl he starts walking through the side of the sea crushing the hot white sands.Inspite of walking on the hot sands Albert can't feel its hotness because of his white sandles.After Passing one and half hour in the beach he drinks a coconut juice and got inside the car and start driving for the Hotel.

On the other side in the morning Arlando wakesup and find himself in the arms of Katherine.She is in the deep inside of his chest.Her white shoulder and back is glowing for the sunlight that is coming from the half-opened window.

Arlando raises his right hand and makes himself able to lock the window and cover it with the white curtains because the window is very close to their bed.And now he pays attention to the sleepy Katherine.He touches her slik smoothe skin slowly and kiss on her open shoulder.Katherine smiles but do not wake up and hug Arlando tightly.

in the previous night

Albert was drinking a red wine in the balcony.The face of the Princess like girl reapetedly showed up in his minds eye. He was drunk and talking hjmself in a whispering voice.He was saying,

''Hey my dirty heart.Stop thinking of her.I don't wanna think of her.There is no place for love in my heart.I just wanna womens in my bed not in my heart.They are all betrayers."

Albert felt that he is in a great angry mood.He threw the wine bottle.It broke in to pieces and the red wine spread on the white floor like blood.Albert was looking angrily at the broken bottle.He don't wanna live in this world where lives betrayar womens like his mother and..... He Couldn't think more.He need someone for the night for a long sleep.He dialed the number of the reception and asked them if they had any beautiful young girl they should send her to him.They replied positively and he puts down the call.After half an hour the door knocked.He shouted angrily,

''The door is open."

After his screaming a beautiful girl in a small dress enter.He couldn't wait and hold her hand tightly and pushing her on the bed and Lying over her teared her dress.The scared girl put her hand on the back of Albert.Which raised his anger in the topper level.He whispered in a disgusting voice,,

''Don't touch my body you bloody woman."

Saying that he put her hand from his back and threw it on the bed.Holding it tightly.The girl started crying out of fear and in pain.

The girl was scared.Because she had slept with different types of man but they were not cruel like him.Albert kissed her lips bite them which caused bleeding in her lips.The beast inside him turned him in to a wild beast for the night.The next morning when Albert wakes up discover the blootain on the white bed sheets get mixed every where has dried.

Albert presses his forhead and and becomes sympathetic to the girl whom he tortured like that the last night.He takes his shower,Getting ready he comes in the basement cafeteria and have his breakfast.He thinks of visiting the penscola beach because its serene beauty give his mind a temporary relax.During of his thinking he takes a look at the ambulance out side of the hotel and the strecher which carried the girl with whom he passed the last night.Albert stands up and start approaching towards the strecher.Four boys are carrying it.Albert stands beside the strecher and looks at her meaninglessly.The girl is sleeping like dead.He handsover some money to one of the boys and said It's for her treatment.They leave from the hotel.Albert breathed deeply and return to his table and starts smoking.After finshing the cigarette he gets out from the hotel and set out for the penscola beach.When he reaches he discovers a new scene.He again see the princess of the sea surfing on the sea.She is surfing like the professional surfers.Albert starts watch her with more concentration than the surroundings beside him.Suddenly he gets a phone call.The phone starts ringing.Without checking Albert recieves the call because today he can't stop watching her surfing and herself.He put the phone in his ear.Tardon the manager of his Office says,

''Sir katherine has not seen in the office since last two days."

Alberts face become red with anger. He angrily asks,

''Didn't you call her?"

''Sir her cell phone was busy.But she didn't call back later."

''Again call her and let me know the updates in 24 hours."

''Sure sir."

Albert puts down the call and again starts watching the surfer girl.

To be continued...

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