Join 54,518 users and earn money for participation tutorial, the platform that pays us in BCH for interacting. (Part I): Inscription.

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1 month ago tutorial, the new microblogging platform that pays you in BCH for interacting. One of the most pleasant surprises of recent times. Simple, intuitive, the platform that aims to reduce the monopoly of Twitter in the market is presented as a real alternative to earn cryptocurrencies (BCH) immediately in the form of tips for publishing, commenting, voting and interacting with your own content and others. Today I start this tutorial step by step so that we understand how it works. is a social network that we are sorry to talk about last month on this very platform.

With the premise of trying to be an alternative to Twitter, without any kind of censorship (not to be confused with spam) some of the Uptrennd users, including myself, have proceeded to sign up more than anything to test the new platform where the largest A novelty was being able to earn money just by posting content, photos, comments and votes.

Another important characteristic is that it does not pay in tokens that must then be converted into any other cryptocurrency, but instead pays directly in BCH, with which the conversion work is simplified with the confidence that the BCH gives, which emerged in 2017 as a result of the disagreement between 2015 and 2017 on how Bitcoin should scale.

But what was truly the driving force behind this new social network is the tipping system (tips) that the platform, with total discretion, gives to each user on a daily basis.

On this point I want to stop and explain how it works.

Obviously we can republish the links of our publications in


Signing up for is very simple and you will surely find some tutorials on Uptrennd.

It is enough to have an email account and choose a password to access. In the part destined to the Wallet we must insert the BCH address where we want the tips to arrive.

In my case, I chose FaucetPay, the same page that replaced FaucetHub, the popular page managed by themexican that for several years was in charge of collecting the small fractions of cryptocurrencies that users earned on the different pages.

But there are many more, proposes some alternatives starting with the wallet and others.

Once the account is confirmed we can start posting immediately. They will probably have to post some tips before the embed images feature is enabled. At least it was like that in the beginning. The platform is constantly evolving and new functionalities are being incorporated every day. One of the last was the ability to customize the avatar.

The welcome message will be a warning reminding you to observe the rules:

Attention to the second pop-up window (in English). Check only the first message where the rules are accepted.

Do not check the second box (it is an anti-robot measure) since if we do, the account is automatically deleted.

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