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Virtual friends, welcome everyone to my Huerto en. Casa. My name is Thanyaly, I live in Venezuela and I enjoy the nobility of nature. That is why I humbly share everything I have learned in order to encourage you to plant and cultivate your own home garden. Here we will learn everything about plants; its care, uses and benefits.

We are an enterprise with different intentions, but primarily to create ecological awareness of the use of natural resources from our homes, providing through education the best techniques for caring for plants through research and experience, advising on the design and elaboration of gardens with ornamental plants, as well as orchards, using organic methods.

My cat Garu

Soon, we will start several projects of cultivation of various types of plants such as cacti, aromatic plants, vegetables that will be reviewed in this way, in order to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve it in small spaces in our home.

 We also highlight that Huertoen.Casa is managing to transfer our plants to the virtual world, through their digitization framed in beautiful Venezuelan landscapes in NFT presentation, available on the Featured.market/profile/Huertoencasa platform.

We hope that all our publications are to your liking and that we can count on the support of this beautiful virtual community.

Thank you!

Thanyaly Chacón - From Venezuela


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