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One Person I’m Glad I Met

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4 months ago

Today, it's the time of having fast interaction due to development of information technology. We meet so many people in daily routine of life. Some are stranger to us and to some we know well. All these people have formal and informal relations to each other. Majority of the people just have formal relations and contact. They just contact to each other for their own purpose. To have sincere relations is difficult in today's time. If you have that sincere and honest person then you are lucky.

Have you any sincere person in your life????? Who's he/she let me know if you feel to tell:)

Yeah!!!!! I have that person in my life. Thank to God for his blessings upon me.

I am talking about one of my bestest friend. He is Officer in Treasury department and very gentle person. Actually I have to visit Provincial Treasury Office one year back for some piece of work. I was with my bestie at time, who was very close to me and always with me while doing field work as we both belongs to same field.

As we were just students or new to the field so have not much experience about practical working. But we have confidence to meet the circumstances. We were there to get some records as the procedure was to new us we did so blunder but finally did it after following directions of the gentle man.

We thanked that person and got what we want and come back. After one year, we have to go for that work again. But now this time we were well aware of the procedure so we were comfortable. We are working as legal adviser and practicing with the one of the Bar elected member so we were given great respect by the senior of the departments. Here we say a young man having sweet smile and full of knowledge face. He welcomed us and give us what we want.

He was that person who helps us one year back. He was serving at the high post. We did not recognize him later on it come to my mind. That person again again was kind to us. I got inspired by his nature. He has soft way of speaking. There was brightening spark in his eyes. I was so glad to meet that person.

Then often we meet each other have field work together. He motivates me always. He supports me always. I feel bless to have that person in my life as my friend and I thank God for this beautiful blessings on me.

He is the person whom I never want to lose in my life. He remains always advising me. I like his talks. He always said:

"My parents said it is better to get someone trust and happiness instead of money"

Sometime I feel unblieveable that in today's selfish and cruel world how an angel like person exist. I am Thankful to Almighty for that angel in my life.

May He Live long stay happy blessed and successful and also stay with me :)

Here is the person whom I glad to have in my life. I want to know that have you that such special angel in your life, who is with you selflessly,honestly or sincerely. Let me know in comment section.

At last I would advised you never let that precious person lose from you:). Never try to hurt him. They are angel by God around us. We should Value them.

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Stay Blessed Always

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Written by   7
4 months ago
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we all have such persons in our life which are like a blessing to us. we want to be with them, to talk with them, and to stay with them. these are our best friends and we do feel happy to visit them. That's good if you visited your friend and that gives you a good gesture

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4 months ago

Having a sincere partner is no more than a blessing. I have a sincere partner and I am blessed too.

Have a good night 😴.

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4 months ago