Top 10 Highest paid actors of all time (HW and BW)

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Acting is a profession just like other profession. Some of them become very wealthy while others find it difficult to make ends meet, fortunately a few people are eager to get millions of dollars in contracts and royalties from Hyde grossing movies. Let's start this list.


Sylvester Stallone profession Hollywood, actor, director, screenwriter and producer. Stallone as famous Hollywood actor after arriving in New York in (1969). He worked as a struggling actor for many years at the age of 73, his work has received multiple awards and nominations including three Oscar nominations Golden globe awards and Caesar awards. He works in the famous Rambo series. He becomes more famous due to Rambo series. People always like his stunts. Stallone's net worth is approximately 400 million dollars.


Arnold Schwarzenegger profession American actor, film producer, businessman, writer, former professional bodybuilder and politician. Arnold is an Hollywood actor in 2003 to 2011. He was 38th Governor of California in 2020. He is the newest Republican Governor of California in terms of performance. The former professional bodybuilder is a global icon. He has starred in The Terminator series commando (1985) and true lies (1994). His net worth is estimated at 400 million us dollars.


Johnny Depp profession hollywood actor, producer and musician, Johnny Depp most famous personality in the world. He has been nominated for 10 golden globe awards and won the best actor award for his outstanding performance. In Sweeney Todd his net worth is estimated at 450 million us dollars.


Amitabh Bachhan profession Indian film actor, former politician, film producer, tv presenter and occasional singer. Amitabh Bachhan is one of the leading actor in Bollywood. He first became famous in the early 1970s for films such as Dewaar and Sholay and was hailed as India's angry for his screen roles in Bollywood young people. He is one of the most famous actors in the Indian film industry. He is the seventh richest actor in the world. He made a fortune in his acting career and his fans are still excited about it today, his net worth is estimated at 450 million us dollars.


Jack Nicholson profession American actor and film producer. Jack Nicholson as most talented actor in American history. He is known for playing various leading or supporting roles including comedy romance and dark comic portrayals of anti-hero and villain roles. Some of his most watched movies include Flight to fury (1964) No man's land, The departure (2006). The Bucket list (2007) and how do you know (2010). His net worth is estimated to be approximately 400 million United States dollars.


George Clooney profession American actor director, producer and filmmaker. George Clooney is a famous Hollywood actor. He has won three Golden globe awards and two Oscars one for performing in cernan and the other for co-production of argo in 2018. He won the free lifetime achievement award. George Clooney is the fifth richest actor in the world with a net worth of 500 million dollars. He is known for his roles in the movies 11 of the seas, three kings and syria which are all high grossing films but in his long and successful career, he starred in dozens of movies.


Tom Cruise profession hollywood actor and film producer. Tom Cruise is famous Hollywood actor. His performance has received many praises including three golden globes and three Oscar nominations his estimated net worth is 600 million dollars he works in famous movies like the mission impossible series.


ShahRukh Khan profession Indian actor, film producer and tv personality. ShahRukh Khan as famous Bollywood actor. He also known in the media as king of Bollywood and King Khan. He starred in more than 80 Bollywood movies and received numerous praises including 14 film awards. ShahRukh Khan is the World's third richest man with a net worth of more than 600 million dollars. He is an Indian actor who won the title of king of Bollywood in his hometown of New Delhi. He owns more than 80 Hindi films and has won multiple awards for his performances.


Jerry Seinfeld profession American comedian, actor, writer, producer and director. Jerry Seinfeld is a famous Hollywood comedian, actor He is known for playing a semi-fictional version of himself in the sitcom. Seinfeld which he co-created and created with Larry David. He has an incredible personal wealth of 980 million United States dollars only 20 million United States dollars from becoming a billionaire. Jerry gained fame with his successful and long-running weekly tv sitcom. Seinfeld during the filming of the final season of sitcom. We learned that the actor earned up to one million dollars per episode.


Tyler Perry profession American actor, writer producer, comedian and director. Tyler Perry is a Hollywood actor. Fox listed him as the highest paid person in the entertainment industry. Earning 130 million dollars between may 2010 and May 2011. His most profitable movies are the diary of a crazy woman and Marty's family reunion, these are just a few of the highest grossing movies of his career, so far in addition to acting, Taylor is also a playwright and film director. His estimated net worth is 1 billion us dollars ranking first on this list.

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I watched a Jerry Seinfeld series. I think he is a successful comedian.

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Yes, sorry to say that i cannot watch his series. Btw my favorite was in list is Tom Cruise. His upcoming movie Maverick (i think thats the name) was amazing and he do all the stunt's in his movies himself that's why i love him .

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