Never judge someone without knowing the whole story

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I live in an old city in Pakistan. I don't like going around the house. I like to be at home. But sometimes I get overwhelmed because of work. Because I am the only one at home.

This happened two days ago.

I was overwhelmed for some reason. The heat was intense and I had no ride to travel. So I had to go on foot. When I was walking, I had to cross one path and go to the other on the road.

I saw an old man.

The old man was walking towards me. Wearing black glasses. She came and stood beside me. He turned to me and said, "Everything will be end". I said to him, "What do you mean, old man?". He did not answer me and said again "One day everything will be over". I said affectionately again, "What do you want to say, say what you want to say openly. But he did not answer me again. Now I was very angry because he was not answering me and was going to say the same thing over and over again. I did not ask him again for answering me. I thought he was crazy and didn't ask any more questions. I didn't feel well for him. However, i ignored him.

I went from there.

Days passed and my friend came to visit me. I told my friend about this old man. And then my friend knew who he was and where he was from and what happened to him. He told me that for some reason his family members were upset and died. And he cried a lot in the shock of his children. It had a very bad effect on his mind. As a result of which his crying eyes also went away and his brain also became shaken.

I was very sad to hear that.

I thought it was bad. But I did not know what happened with him. I was very sad about it and I couldn't sleep all night that day just thinking about it. I claimed so sorry about this to him.


  • We should never test anyone. We do not know who is in what condition and what conditions are going through. What we see is not exactly what we see.

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