China's New Mystery | Worst Air Disaster

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21st March 2022, at 1:11 PM. Flight MU-5735 took off from Kunming, China. It was a 2-hour long normal passenger flight to Guangzhou(A city in Southeast China). But about an hour after taking off, at 2-20 PM. this plane started losing altitude rapidly. It comes crashing down. Normally, if there's any technical problem in a plane, or if there's any problem with the engine. For such cases, aeroplanes are designed so that they glide while descending. They'll come down at the speed of a few thousand feet in a minute. But this aeroplane fell from a height of nearly 30,000 feet within 1 minute and 35 seconds. Normally, this is the speed at which skydivers descend out of a plane. But here, a large passenger jet started falling vertically. And in less than 2 minutes, it crashed into a hill. When this aeroplane was in a nosedive. this scene was captured on a camera from afar. In video photoage, the aeroplane started falling vertically, How can be this possible? The passengers of the plane die. It is believed that this crash is one of the worst aeroplane disasters in China. This plane crash has shocked aircrash investigators and experts all around the world. What can be the reason for this plane crashing this way? At the altitude of about 80,000 feet, while falling, it regains some altitude before falling again. What can be the reason behind this short ascent? It's being said that any type of explanation can be possible. It's possible that the engine of the plane malfunctioned or the plane suffered from a technical problem. It's also possible that the pilot wanted to commit suicide or that there was a terrorist attack on the plane, or the pilots had fainted or even a weather related problem. That day, at the place of crash, at 2 in the afternoon, the temperature of the place was around 30°C. Moderate winds were blowing as normal. It was forecasted that it would rain in the evening. It hadn't rained before the crash. And the visibility was more than 10 miles. So the weather conditions then weren't unusual. The weather was absolutely normal. Apart from this, the site of the crash is surrounded by hills and a thick forest. Reaching there and finding evidence isn't easy. Some people are blaming the model of the plane. The two recent plane crashes around the world, the 2018 plane crash in Indonesia, and the Ethiopian plane crash in 2019, the reason behind both plane crashes was the technical problems in the design of the plane. But honestly, in this event this isn't one of the reasons. Because the plane that crashed in China, The Boeing 737-800 model is being used for years. It's a reliable plane model. It is considered to be one of the safest passenger jets. After looking at all the explanations, the most likely scenario here is that the pilot crashed this plane intentionally. And thus, the biggest question is: Why did the pilot do so? Several conspiracy theories have started emerging across Chinese social media. In one of the most popular conspiracy theories, America is actually being blamed. It's being said that in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, because China did not take a clear stand against Russia, America caused this to happen in China. Chinese social media user's are coming up with these conspiracy theories. Whenever there's a big disaster, without a clear cut reason for it, it results in many conspiracy theories being formed by the people. If you're afraid of travelling in planes again, because they keep crashing frequently, you needn't be afraid, Don't worry. Statistically speaking, aeroplanes are one of the safest modes of transportation. But in the recent plane crashes, you would notice one thing, it is either because of a technical fault in the software, or it is a deliberate action of the pilot. Crashes because of bad weather or hijacking, have little to no chance of happening.

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