Bugdet 2022 analysis (India) | Pros and Cons !

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Hello friends,

Bugdet 2022.

This is a very important year for the bugdet. Because if you'd recall, New India 2022, was a major campaign by the government for this year. They claimed that this, 2022, would be the deadline for several promises. Every Indian would get a house by 2022. Each house would get a water connection by 2022. Every village would have 24*7 electricity by 2022. Farmer's income would be doubled by 2022. It was even said that bullet trains would be a reality in india by 2022. Because a new India was supposed to emerge by 2022.

Education Funds -;

The government announced that this year, 1,040 trillion (INR) would be spent on education as compared to last year's 930 trillion (INR). In my opinion this is a small increase it is welcome but it is not very significant.

Health and family welfare -;

The government proposed a minor increase in the bugdet of the health ministry from 860 trillion (INR) it is increased to 862 trillion (INR) but the money that was being spent on medical and public health saw a huge bugdet cut of 45%. From 740 trillion (INR) it has been cut to approximately 410 trillion (INR).

Defense and Sports -;

Moving on, the defense bugdet has been increased by 10% from 4780 trillion (INR) to 5250 trillion (INR) The sports bugdet saw a significant increase too. An increase of 3 trillion this, the bugdet allocated to it is 30 trillion (INR). And this was great news for all sports lover overall.

Interesting Things -;

The 5G spectrum auction would be held in 2022-23,as per the government after 4G, 5G would also be introduced in India too. Another interesting and bold promise by the government here is that we would see optical internet fibre in all Indian villages by 2025. The promises sound great in the bugdet every year. But the thing that matters the most is to what extent will they be actually implemented. Thanks for reading my article.


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There's a lot of development going on, but the government definitely has to do a lot more for the average citizen. cost of living alone is on the rise on a daily basis..

Greetings from Nigeria

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India has the conditions for rapid development


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Right but India is not a developed country but we can say that India is developing with much speed..btw i love Indians and India

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