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The beauty of Sridham Vrindavan (Pilgrimage of Hinduism)

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Vrindavan is a town in Mathura district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. According to Hindu belief, Lord Krishna spent his childhood here.

The city is 11 km away from Sadar Mathur, which is said to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is located next to the Agra-Delhi highway. There are many temples of Radha Krishna here. To Hindu Vaisnavas, Vrindavan is a sacred place.

The word Vrindavan comes from the word Vrinda meaning Tulsi and forest or forest. Two small tulsi forests still exist in Nidhuban Seva Konde of Vrindavan. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu rediscovered this place. It is said that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came to Vrindavan in 1515 to determine the place of Krishna's childhood. He is said to have traveled to different places spiritually in love. Discovered.

Vrindavan is a holy place of pilgrimage. It is a center of worship for Hindus. Vrindavan Govardhana Gokul is associated with the life of Krishna. Krishna devotees come to this place every year on pilgrimage and participate in various festivals.

According to the Puranas, Krishna performed Rasalila and other Balyalilas of Vrindavan. His grandfather Balaram used to play pranks with other shepherd boys here. This Vrindavan is also known as the Widow's City. 15000 to 20000 widows live in this region. And spends time chanting bhajans ahead of the bhajan shelter.

An organization called "Guildoff" Service has been created here in the name of neglected women and children. According to a government survey report, the government and the central government run old age homes for widows in the city. Nidhiban is one of the most mysterious places in Vrindavan. It is said that Krishna still plays with his gopis in this forest every night. Krishna's only flute melody can still be heard.

Let us now discuss the Vrindavan temple:

Madanmohan Temple

The king of Multan, Kapar Ramdas Kalia, built the temple next to Daman Khat. It is closely associated with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, one of the oldest temples in Vrindavan.

Mirabai temple

This temple is located near Nidhivan. This temple is the temple of Mirabai. Some texts say that Mirabai of 1557 was physically destroyed in the Krishna Rebellion. However, researchers deny this, but it is true that Mirabai lived with Krishna worship

Banke Bihari temple

Swami Haridas discovered the rest of the monastery from Nidhivan and built it in 1862. This temple is a sacred place for Hindus.

Temple of love

The temple was built on 54 acres of land on the outskirts of Vrindavan by its founder Kripalu Maharaj. The temple is built of white stone which makes it a very popular temple among the devotees.

Radhaballab temple

The Harivansh built this temple and a crown of Radha is placed on the altar next to this temple.

Jaipur Temple

The temple was built in 917.

Radharman Temple

This temple has a Shalgram idol of Krishna. Which inspires the devotees to come to this temple.

Shahji Temple

This temple was built in the year 876. This temple is famous for its white stones and sculptures.

Rang ji temple

Built in 1857, this temple is dedicated to the saddest Loknath or Rangji. Vishnu is worshiped in the eternal royal posture of this temple

Govinda Dev Mandir

The temple was built in 1509 with sandstone donated by Mughal Emperor Akbar. King Mansingh built the seven storey high temple.

Radha Damodar Temple

The Radha Damodar temple was built in 1542.

Katyayani temple

The temple is located next to the Rang Nath temple. It is said to be known as a Shakti Peeth.

Hanuman Temple

This temple is located near the Atal forest

I hope you like this article. It is the only major Hindu pilgrimage site where people from all over the world flock to visit every year. It is a very popular Hindu place of worship all over the world.

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Written by   133
2 years ago
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