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Sunset by the river

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2 years ago

The sunset announces the end of the day and the arrival of night. In the evening the current of the glittering glitter is curved. Watching the sunset on the banks of the river in different environments at the World Cup had a strange effect. A profound philosophical theory of life overwhelmed his mind. The indescribable joy of this enchanting beauty of the sunset touches the minds of all the people of all the countries.

In the evening:

When the sun is about to disappear in the western sky by spreading light all day, it turns red. And that's when the evening sun begins to hide the once tired sun near the horizon. At this time, the name of the evening is all over the world. The red line of the sun is still in the western sky with white clouds. Goodbye, take the Navratri of the strong world.

Ideal place to watch the sunset:

The main condition to enjoy the sunset view in the best way is the clear weather. Hey weather, the ideal place to watch the sunset is the beach by the river. In the summer, when you watch the sunset on the bank of the river in the cloudy sky, you can see that in the middle of the deep silence, peace seems to be disappearing. West Bengal does not have a bright radiance east of the sun, which is painted in one of the most beautiful shades of red. There is a sweet light. This light draws everyone to the river to see the sun lost in its bosom.

Description of the sunset

The sunset is as clear as it is on the river bank and nowhere else. The beauty of the sunset on the banks of the river does not give us less joy. The vegetated western sky of the rural environment does not become direct. In that case the riverbank is very wide. The background of the open and western sky is clear. The red color of the sun spreads the red color on the river. The creation is a dreamy mentality. Then the human mind forgets the reality around it and the need for life is neglected. A beautiful person loses his mind. Then the boat sails in front of his eyes and slowly floats away in the middle voice. The joy of the sunset stays in my mind for a long time.

After sunset:

At this time, nature seems to thrill everyone a little. Trees, birds and flowers seem to be busy exploring this beauty and dive in the middle of the moment and become still again in their own environment. The beauty of the sunset draws the mind out of the reach of the world. The memory of that painful joy lingers in the corner of the mind. Sunset brings peace in the midst of thousands of problems

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Written by   133
2 years ago
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