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Season Memory (part 2)

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2 years ago

In the morning, my father and I packed our clothes and got in the car after breakfast. I got in the car and was thinking only about Rahat's second wife Riha. Why did that happen to her.

*** Flashback ***

Rahat-Abbu, today I have come to talk to you about Riha. In fact, you know that Rihao is also 6 months pregnant. Or just the baby will live and Riha will die. I was not right after hearing all this. So when I ask him again, he says it is true. Then he tells me to take Ritu home again to keep his last wish.

Even though my father forbade him at that time, he told me the same thing at night. And I also thought about what I had said.

So did Rahat look for me from a distance or through someone. And he is in front of me as if he doesn't know anything. I have to know the truth so I didn't decide to go.

*** Present ***

My father and I got out of the car and went to Rahat's house. As soon as I came in front of the door, I stood up.

Dad, what happened? Let's go.

I-Hmm, Dad, let's go.

Dad and I went inside. I saw that everyone was busy looking for someone to come to us. Then Riha came in front of me.

Riha-how are you season ???

I'm twice as good as I was here.

Riha-sorry season has all been for me.

I-no, not for you. It's my destiny.

This time Rahat, Rahat's father, Rahat's mother came and grabbed my leg and apologized. I never imagined that something like this would happen to me one day. I couldn't stand seeing all this and cried. Then everyone sat me down.

Rahat's father-forgive us debt mother.

Rahat's mother-yes, mother, don't forgive us. We may not be worthy of your forgiveness. Still, don't forgive me thinking it is your own people, mother.

I-please stop this. I can't stand this. And besides, I have no complaints against you.

Relief - have you forgiven us?

I-hmm done.

Riha-season you did not forgive me?

I-Hmm, I forgave you too.

Riha-well let's go upstairs. Relief !!!!


Rahat comes to us and takes Riha upstairs and I am also walking behind Riha to Riha's room. I don't feel any jealousy because Riha has been grabbed.

Riha-Ritu, where did you lose?

I-no nowhere.

Riha-sari season, in fact, I have not been able to climb the stairs alone since I was 6 months old, so it is time for Rahat to help me. Did you get it?

I have learned to walk alone since my baby came into my womb.

Riha-ohh !!! Well how many months do you have?

I have been running for 6 months.

Riha asks me a lot of questions like this and I also answer all of Riha's questions. I also do a lot of stories at the same time. I just spend my days talking to Riha there.

I-Rahat had some talk with you.

Say relief-hum.

I-that day you went to my house to convince my father to leave me here. But how did you know that I was in my house?

I didn't even know Rahat. (False)

I-don't lie. I am not a father that I will believe your words. Tell the truth.

Relief !!! Hmmm, I knew you were with Dad. But believe me, I didn't know you were pregnant.

I-How do you know it?

Rahat: After leaving you on the plot, I used to look for you every day through the doorman. And through the work he used to do there. I couldn't go there, that's why.

I-then why did you lie to me?

Where did I tell the truth? I really told you. I haven't gone to you since I left you on the plot.

Hearing this word of relief, tears started flowing from my eyes. In fact, Rahat has never left me since he left me on the plot. I waited for him but he never came.

Riha-aare season that come sit.

I-Hmm. Well, Riha, let me tell you something.

Say Riha-hum.

Why did you rush to get me out of the house after marriage?

Riha-you are still all ....... I'm sorry season.

Please don't say anything like me-Riha Oman.

Riha: It seemed to me that Turmi was coming to my family so I did that.

I-I think it's yours.


I-but it's your misconception ...........

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Written by   133
2 years ago
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2 years ago