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Not with happiness in everyone's life

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2 years ago

- Happiness is the main desire of every human being. In the hope of a little happiness, people do not do the impossible. We seek endless happiness. And there is no counting how many hundreds of tiny little happy feelings we lose in the pursuit of this endless happiness. But if we want, we can achieve endless happiness by combining these small joys.

- Look at an old man sitting on the road starving and crying. You don't have much money to feed him, but go to him and buy him two loaves of bread worth 10 rupees and give him to him. Seeing the self-satisfied smile on the old man's face will bring you an indescribable peace.

- But we don't think about it, I have a little money, how can I eat with it, inshallah, one day I will earn a lot of money and help a lot of poor people like them and then I will feel much better .... We lost the little happiness.

- It is often seen that we get confused while working on the thoughts of the future, we work hard in the hope of getting happiness in the future life .. in the hope of being good ..

But in the busyness of this work we forget that I have a beautiful family, I have heaven in my house. We forget how much happiness there is in spending time with family.

- We forget the hope of endless happiness, the smile on our mother's face to cool our hearts. In the hope of future happiness, we forget to talk to our mother. But in the mouth of the mother, there is a lot of love in listening to the stories of childhood, grandfathers and men.

- Let's learn to enjoy the little ones. Try to be happy temporarily without running after endless happiness, you will find happiness even in the midst of sorrow.

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