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Man lives through his actions

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2 years ago

Man does not attain immortality in the world through longevity. Man lives on earth for ages due to his deeds.

Man is born on earth and once he leaves the world. This human life is fleeting but man wants to live for a long time. However, if he does not live for a long time, then through whom can he live in the world for the rest of his life?

They live on the earth for ages by giving up opportunities and devoting themselves to human welfare. People bow their heads in reverence, remembering their good deeds. Even though they died physically, the great deeds of these people kept them alive at every moment.

Age cannot give immortality to anyone. Karmada is the guarantee of a human being to live for thousands of years. Many people in the world die at a young age and are immortal for their deeds. Poet Sukanta Acharya died at the age of only 21 years.

Many poets and writers died in the world. For. None of them has chosen them as the age in the world and has saved them in great deeds.

Therefore, every human being should have the desire to live with an ideal and have a long life.

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Written by   133
2 years ago
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