Can lighting network become the base protocol for bitcoin apps?

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2 years ago

In 2017 when I was reading about the lighting network project. I've bought into a project that can help resolve the scaling and privacy issues of bitcoin. The promise was great but there was some big questions unanswered. The biggest one was the routing problem. The privacy aspect of the protocol can only be effective if routing was not going to be centralized. And that itself is another scaling issue that will defeat the whole purpose of creating the project in the first place.

All of that aside here's what I didn't realize back then. Even if we consider having the most scalable version of lighting network available, "The market" doesn't care about what protocol is designed to service bitcoin users. The lighting network should compete with all other solutions to capture users in this market. As of right now we can see users are mostly going towards what is the easiest and cheapest network even if they want to hold bitcoin (BTC), Unless a miracle happens that changes all of that we will not see lighting network get adopted by the majority.

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