You are high-born or low-born, who determines?

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3 months ago

How are you all?

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Seeing the title of this article, you must have understood by now what I am going to discuss.

Anyway let's hope to the main topic without excess talking🙃🙃.

The question is :- You are high-born or low-born, who determines?

Many of us choose our status or caste based on our profession. Is it even right? Or how much is acceptable?

Exactly what is the profession?

👉 A profession is a means of earning a living by applying specific theoretical and practical knowledge on a given subject and applying that knowledge in practice.

That is, if money is earned from whatever you do, it will be considered a profession. Now you earn 1000$ for a job, while I also earn 500$ for a different job, both are professions.

You may or may not feel comfortable choosing caste/lineage through profession. If it comes to my opinion, I will not support it at all.

Because we depend on each other. Let's give a simple example,

Suppose you are the richest person in the world. You have no shortage of money. When you get what you want. You think you are not dependent on anyone. But somehow you are dependent on others.


Let's say from the beginning, do you grow the food you are eating? Of course not, it's the farmer, who working hard to grow it and then you eat it.

Again you are drinking water, you are not getting it just like that, it is coming to you after a lot of processing from a deep tube-well, and you drink it. Speaking of tube-well, it has been made by other people.

Eating season end, now you take rest🥱. After resting for a while, you suddenly have to go to the toilet, this toilet is also made by someone else, and even if it is full, someone else will come and clean it. What we call scavengers. Many people deprive them of various benefits as low caste. But if they did not clean the feces and urine, then who would?

In this way, people of all professions/classes are constantly employed by you. And you are depriving them of lower caste benefits.

Now you can say you are paying them to do these things, so they are doing it.

Think for a moment that if they did not do these things, what would you do with the money? Does your bank admission money come in handy?

Answer: Nothing.

Don't think that just because they earn less money than you, they are inferior. Remember, there is no such thing as caste, we all have one identity, and that is we are human.

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3 months ago