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Are you ready?

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10 months ago

Are you ready? This is a question I ask myself most of the time. I ask myself Honey are you ready to move to the next phase of your life? Can you handle new achievements? Can you handle new challenges? Do you have resources in place for your next big move? And most importantly as a Christian, are you ready for Christ?

I asked myself this question😔, I obviously strongly desire these changes , but 🥴 so many questions😬.

How do I go about it? Who should I see? What do I need to do?

Hmmm John 4 vs 4. ...Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. I am never alone because God is always with me.

Hahaha it doesn't matter what I face, it doesn't matter what I see, what matters is that I see through the eyes of God.

Many times people also ask themselves these questions, they also wonder why they are always behind on life schedule. Envy comes in, strive comes in,hatred and many more but dear;pause ;Count your blessings and it would surprise you what the Lord has done .

Many also ask Lord, when can I change position in life , but ,how much value do you add to your self? Do you read new books? Take short courses? Do you take time to do self reflection? Who do you follow? Do you have someone to talk to to share ideas? what have you been saying about your life.

You can never be greater than your preparations.🙄you can't be greater than your words😑.

Take out time to self reflect, there is so much you can be, there is so much you can achieve .So join the race ,for life is a journey, it will only produce what you give.Fight you would win, seek you would find, know and many doors will open. It might take a while but just hold on, one minute more, one second more, you would win.

Live life, live fulfilled.

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