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That's why you are not making money with GoogleAdsense

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1 year ago

No doubt that AdSense is a powerful platform to earn a quite good amount for your content and the day when you got approved for AdSense is one of the joyous days of your life that you may not believe in it for several hours on this achievement. But the problem starts when you, even after getting approved, are not making money with AdSense at all or maybe that is not enough as compare to your efforts and content available on your website.

Whatever the reason is the ultimate point of all these questions and discussion is that AdSense is proving not good enough for your financial change. So let’s come to locate the mistake in your plans, working strategy and visions etc.

However there are so many reasons that you may find on your own but to let you think about some of the most prominent and important mistakes that you may be doing in fact repeating while running your site are as follows:

  • No Clear Vision

  • No Good SEO Strategy

  • No Proper Marketing Strategy

  • No ads optimization & no proper placements

  • No Relevant Traffic

No Clear Vision:

I know this does not come in technical reason’s list but it is as important as any other factor involved in your online success. Just hold on and sit back to ask this question before you continue the work that “What do you want to do exactly?” Many people start their personal blog and they come up with a resolution that somewhere resembles with “Robin Hood’s” that they want to educate, entertain or may help everyone on everything and this is the point where they fail and throw themselves miles away from success. No doubt this is a noble thought but when you go in every corner to find every next thing, then you may not focus on the quality of your content and that would not be liked by your readers. Result, they will leave your site right away because NO quality means NO readership.

No Good SEO Strategy:

Nope! I’m not accusing you to be a bad optimizer but low AdSense earning or “NO” AdSense earning can be a result of a bad SEO strategy. Just go to your website and check back that how you optimize your website. If there is a broken link or maybe your website appears in SERPs properly without any difficulty. These things may look like minor things but these are of great value that if you ignore them, then your website may suffer badly after all a visitor will come to your website from search engine and search engines require optimization to know about any page, and here Adsense plays a very good role to show relevant ads to the visitors, so the more relevant ads are there, the more you’ll get clicks & revenue.

No Proper Marketing Strategy:

After checking your optimization techniques, it is recommended for you to check how do you promote your content on social sites that is very important nowadays because everyone is on Facebook, Twitter or on any other social site where they get too much stuff for different purpose without doing anything and you can attract a good amount of users from social sites. Are you running a page or a twitter handle to channelize your website? Or you have been holding this step for a future date? If you have put this way for future, then do it right now because this tool is the perfect and free tool to make your credibility both for users and for search engines.

No Ads Optimization & no proper placements

This reason is a very solid if you are not earning much with Adsense, Ads optimization is something that is always recommended by Adsense team themselves. Always try to insert the Ad sizes which are generating the most money & most of the advertisers are spending more on that size for example the ad sizes of 300*280, 768*90, 468*60, 250*250 and the new one 300*600 are those ads which are having the highest paying ads in them. So kindly at least use few ads sizes from the above mentioned ones.

You can also select the different ad types available for you as a publisher, don’t always trust only on text ads, insert both image and text ads so they may work better for you. Together they make it possible to generate the highest revenue for you.

Moreover, always insert the Google ads into the places where the visitors stuck the most, for example the header of your website is one of the important locations where the visitor pays attention at first when he/she arrives on the website, so you must insert an appropriate ad size over there, and the post title of your every post is more important than the header because the visitor look there for the content, so you should insert an ad unit there as well. You can insert ads between posts to get more clicks and increase revenue.

No Relevant Traffic:

The most important reason for your failure in quest of earning through AdSense is that you do not have relevant traffic that means you do get visitors from search engines and social media but unfortunately, they are not relevant for the content available on your website. People do come to your site for a while but do not stay here for too long and you miss the opportunity to earn from AdSense due to this reason.

These points do not affect your AdSense earning stats directly but plays an important role for taking the earning stats so high that you can’t imagine. AdSense is a tough game and if you lose hope in your starting days then this is really not your game. If you really want to earn from AdSense, then you should stick with it and always correct yourself so that you can stay away from such situations in future.

“We hope that you may find the mistake in your failure and if you do, then please share with us or if you have any recommendation for this purpose do share with us through your comments.”

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Written by   56
1 year ago
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