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How to make money using Facebook

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10 months ago

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms where you can meet different people around the globe. SO ,you can grow and market your business on this biggest social media platform. One thing is to be cleared here is that people now a days scamming others by telling them they can earn $$*** weekly or monthly on facebook. The truth is You cannot make money on facebook, You can make money through facebook.

There are number of ways through which one can earn money through facebook but in this article we will talk about major ones. So I am going to tell you three basics ways through which one can easily make a handsome income for himself. You can make money by:

1-) Promoting Your brand

Suppose you are an entrepreneur and you have a physical business and you want to promote your business and want to increase your sales, then facebook is one of the best sources through which you can not only promote your products but also you can increase your sales. Facebook understands your marketing needs and for that purpose facebook introduces its Fan page. You can create your brand page and you can easily promote your products over facebook & can reach thousands of your customers. You can get thousands of likes from any country of the world by just running an Ad campaign on facebook.

Benefits of having a brand page:

  • Promote your products

  • Increase sales

  • Make Brand worth

2-) Affiliate marketing

Most of the rational affiliate marketers are using facebook to generate revenues what they do is simply they run Ads campaigns on facebook and sell whatever they want to sell. Interested people click on that ad and purchase the product. This is really a great way for generating money through facebook. If you are an affiliate marketer and not using this technique, Just do it from today and if you don’t know what actually affiliate marketing is all about, my advice to you is that learn about it and start your online earning journey now!

3-) Finding Freelancing Jobs

If you are a freelancer then facebook is one of the best ways through which you can find a required project. HOW? It’s simple man! You just need to create a professional ID with a professional display picture and a cover explaining in which field you are interested/have some talent. Then right after it like pages related to your work , add some people around the globe related to your field and last but not the least “Facebook Groups” will help you a lot. Find some freelancing and your field related groups, post there that you are available for freelancing work and that’s it. You are done! After some time people will contact you and chances of getting a freelancing project will increase.

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Written by   56
10 months ago
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