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2 years ago
Topics: Insect

Hello Everyone. How are you all??I am fine by the grace of Almighty. After a long time I am here with a new topics.

I think Everyone noticed my articles headline and I hope you are thinking that now I am going to write about a famous play which everyone known as cricket. But it's wrong.My articles headline name is cricket but it's not a play it's about an insect.

Cricket isn't only a play it's also another name of insects.

Cricket :

Crickets are Orthopteran insects.This crickets are related to bush crickets and also more indirectly to grasshoppers. In past "crickets " were set at the family level but modern specialist counting them presently within the superfamily Grylloidea.

What does cricket do??

Crickets are not picky eater like any other insects.They eat both plant and animal matter,and that's why they called omnivores.Mole crickets in thr southeastern U.S., have a diet that focuses on worms,insect larvae,roots and grasses.

They also act as scavengers.

In adult ages house crickets are 3/4 or 7/8 inches long as adults.They have three dark bands that cross their head from eye to eye with yellowish -brown color.They have legs and also they are fully winged that's why they can fly.

Crickets can carry numerous number of disease which are harmful for human health and also having the ability to cause painful sores,aren't fatal to humans.They can bite but this is very rare. Diseases can spread through their bite,physical contact or their feces.

Crickets only make noise at night to cross their path.

Lifespan:The life of a field cricket is about ninety days.That means their life complete within ninety days.Mainly they prefer to live outside. But when the outside condition become too rough then they come inside for better environment.

Diet:They eat every types of food whatever they find in nature such as rotting leaves,rotting fruit,vegetables and also other insects.They also eat protein to keep their fitness healthy.They are also called omnivores that's why they eat fruits,meats and also vegetables. They are found in our homes,garages and also in our yards.

Nutrition facts:

Crickets are contain right balance of essential and non-essential amino acids and also provides a complete food protein.Even a fixed amount of beef they provide more proteins than beef.

When we saw the discovery channel we can see this types of insects in several programmes and also they explain how much protein this insect can produce.

Really this insects are also helpful for our environment.

Thanks everyone for reading my article.

I hope all of you enjoyed it.

If you want to give me any information about my article please write down in comment section.

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Written by   117
2 years ago
Topics: Insect
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