A Healthy Life(Road to go)

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2 years ago

Hello friends. I am here with a new start.Today I thought to start a new one.

How Are You all guys?I know here is my no friends but I want to make lots of friends here.Will you be my friends?

New start with a new rhythm. That's why I choose my first topics about healthy life.Road to go healthy life.

what we think about healthy life?

Healthy life means isn't just free from illness. It is happiness about your mind,health,feelings and also other activities. A healthy life can keep you happy always. You can work hard all day long even without any bad times.You can give proper time to your family members when you feel healthy.

Isn't it right think??

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Some steps for leadin a healthy life:

Which steps will help us to lead a healthy life?

Here is some steps-

*Daily exercise,

*Avoiding tobacco and drugs,

*Eating a balanced diet,

*Staying at a healthy weight and

*Limiting alcohol.

Daily exercise can makes a man healthy. I also saw some people who are maintained their daily exercise and stay free from several diseases. Even diabetic patient always walk two times in a day (Morning and Evening) to reduce their sugar level.

Tobacco and Drugs always kill people. The percentage of cancer patient is more for taking tobacco or drugs. But others are also effected. Especially mouth organ related and even bronchitis related cancer occurred for tobacco. Tobacco and drugs are always injurious to health.

A balanced diet can keep a persons health always wealthy. It is really an important part of every persons. For example look at the diabetic patient, when they eat sugar related food they can't feel ok then. After taking more sugar they always feel ill.That's why we should always take a balanced diet.

What's your think about healthy weight?I think we all know that how much pleasure give us a healthy weight. Obesity isn't good for any person and also a low weight. Both are harmful for a persons. We should always maintain our a healthy weight.

Alcohol,is it good for health?Actually when we take caugh syrup we take alcohol as medicine and it's limited amount. But excess amount of Alcohol always bad for health and it's causes liver disease. We should avoid always excess amount of Alcohol.

A Healthy life style should be like our heart.A healthy life can keep you energetic all day long and also keep your mental thinking good.

So,guys always try to lead a healthy life.Keep your most loveable person healthy always. Take care about yourself and also your family.

#Stay Happy

#Stay Safe

Have a good day guys!!!

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2 years ago


Hello there. I agree that we need to be healthy physically and mentally. Lets add healthy emotionally and spiritually

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2 years ago

Yeah.Our happiness can be depend on our every healthy and happy parts.Thanks for this nice comment here.

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2 years ago